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Last bumped on Jun 21, 2019, 11:16:31 PM
While I totally love the design of banner skills, I just don't understand why both banners focus on buffing only physical damage. War Banner increases PHYSICAL damage taken by enemies, while Dread Banner grants a chance to impale, which again is a physical damage only buff. I am not opposed to having some banners buffing the physical attack damage characters, but shouldn't there be some other banners that also buff other damage types as well, say elemental damage or chaos damage? I don't really see that physical damage build is in a position weaker than elemental damage/ chaos damage build, esp with the Blade Flurry skill, the introduction of Impale, the continuous buffing of bleeding, the fact that physical damage has much easier access to leech, physical damage is much harder to mitigate etc.

Would be nice to have some banners in the future for other damage types and possibly banners tailored for spellcasters as well.
Last edited by ScorpiusXI on Dec 12, 2018, 5:28:42 AM
Not sure if this is intended or a bug but the buffs granted from placing the banners (War and Dread) will not buff the casting player if they are wearing the Ichimonji sword. I could see this going either way as Ichimonji states: "Allies aura buffs do not affect you" if we're considering a placed banner an ally with an aura buff then it makes sense that it doesn't affect me. What I would have expected would be my placed banner wouldn't buff anyone but me since I'm the "source" of the banner.

Outside of that I'm wondering how valuable the adrenaline buff is at max stacks. I picture the power charging up over the course of a map only to be placed during a big encounter (syndicate, possessed essence, map boss, etc). If I math right 50 stacks of war banner translates to 2.5 seconds of adrenaline. In a full team I can see this being a devastating but fleeting buff. For a solo player or even a duo that feels like a lot of work building stacks for not very much payoff especially given how long the placed banner lasts if you don't recast.
I think this gem is a little too strong with the Juggernaut ascendancy point Undeniable.

59% increase accuracy give the Jugg a lots of speed when Undeniable give already a lots of accuracy but also attack speed for accuracy. And when you place it down... You go so fast your mana cannot follow. for like a little bit of mana.

+1000 to Accuracy Rating
1% increased Attack Speed per 200 Accuracy Rating
Gain Accuracy Rating equal to your Strength

Hi. 95 crit cleave champion here. I think that the banner looks a little stupid and is really big, which I don't like. I like the accuracy boost that it gives, which improves DPS, but I think it just looks stupid. Can we get an MTX which makes it slimmer and more arty and pleasing to see or even invisible? Thx. Something like a small angled flag, sort of like a tail, that would be nice and worth 50 points.
Hello, lvl 90 juggernaut tectonic slam.

When war banner is placed, attacking with my character cancels the adrenaline buff instantly. Sometimes even placing the banner removes the adrenaline buff without letting the duration expire. It seems to expire when I'm hit too.
If I link War Banner with Generosity will nearby enemies still receive more physical damage taken? There is no visual indicator anywhere so it's really hard to see if it works or not. An answer from the dev would be nice.
Could you guys PLEASE create a micro transaction that replaces the banners on the back for something small that doesnt makes our wings/back atachment look weird??
i paid a lot for having cool wings but that ugly banner takes all the beauty away
i just hate it! its ugly! take it off! xD

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