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Last bumped on Feb 26, 2020, 2:14:11 PM
I don't know what's better, the skill itself or just the itemization / tree changes that made it work well with all the extra damage everywhere. Feels almost like the old school double dot ignite version, but with instant cast.

Playing anything like Vortex (instant) with Frostbolt (terrible cast time) seems like unnecessary hassle. Combination with Vaal RF and Vaal Cold Snap is better as it can provide additional burst on bosses.

DMG is now good, maybe too good compared to other skills when it comes to performance vs currency investment.

Cooldown is annoying but manageable. Having some way to bypass cooldown would turn Vortex into unbeatable monster above even Arc level.
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The changes to vortex (giving it a cooldown but making it instant) are really unfair to people like me who like using Vortex as a primary skill. It's really annoying to use Vortex as a primary skill when you can only use it every 1.8 seconds.

(EDIT: I tried playing this as a witch, with the intent of going Occultist, but the cooldown was so awful I quickly gave up on the idea of ever building Vortex again in its current state)

I suggest reverting this change and adding a threshold jewel that makes Vortex instant and gives it a cooldown, giving it its current behavior.
Last edited by Commoble on Jan 6, 2019, 3:14:16 PM
Was hoping to find the reason that Intensify was barred from supporting Vortex. Seems like the gem fit well with it.
Is there a way to make the ground effect less vissible? It covers my whole screen and can't see any of the bosses attacks.

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