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[3.11] Duelist Build List

How can there not be a single Lacerate build listed on this thread?

Lacerate is the second most commonly used skill by Duelists in Delirium league (after Cyclone).
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support champion build based around warcry buffs
3.10 reverse knockback ballista build.

Strong against Delirium, all map mods, designed for HC
3.10 Smite. Due to generic gear/tree suitable for a lot of other melee elemental skills. Based on elemental damage stacking from both Anger and Wrath by using cluster jewels.
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This is a build I am using at the moment. It shows how the new cluster jewels open up many interesting options for us. I think some of the ideas I have in the build would stimulate people to create more interesting variations from there. I would love it be viewed and commented by more so we cross-fertilise each other. Please assist me to put it on your build list. Thanks

New Slayer Guide

3.10 PUDGE Cyclone Slayer, HC viable, All content, Life: 7000+, DPS: 5kk+, Chaos res: 75%, Budget.

May I get my build added to the list? I built a shield charge gladiator that is 100% original. It was a project to see if shield charge as a main skill could kill the shaper. Turns out it can do that and is a solid and underused skill:

Thank you for the naming guide btw. I used it :)

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