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We've got some new Skill and Support gems for 0.9.7!

I'll make new threads for them shortly, but first have a play with them and try them in a few different situations, before giving feedback. We've had plenty of first-impressions of them, now we need to know how well they play.

  • Added a new skill - Puncture: Punctures the target, causing them to bleed. While bleeding, they take damage over time based on how much damage was dealt in the initial hit. The bleeding deals more damage while they move. Puncture works with bows, daggers, claws or swords.
  • Added a new skill - Lightning Arrow: Fires a charged arrow at the target, causing them to be struck by a bolt of lightning which damages nearby enemies.
  • Added a new skill - Summon Skeletons: Summons a group of slow moving skeletal minions. They last 20 seconds before expiring and do not require a corpse when casting.
  • Added a new skill - Burning Arrow: Fires an arrow that deals fire damage to its target and has an increased chance of setting it on fire.
  • Added nine player aura skills: Anger (Fire Damage), Hatred (Cold Damage), Wrath (Lightning Damage), Discipline (Energy Shield), Grace (Evasion), Determination (Armour), Purity (Elemental Resistances), Haste (Attack Speed and Cast Speed) and Vitality (Life Regeneration).

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Takes time to make copies of them! Just about to post the new ones now.
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deMoxE wrote:
Hey there is a pretty much nice BUG with player aura gems.
You can actually remove them from the item and the aura and skill will still work. If you remove the gem you also won't be able to turn off the aura.
You can still remove it by right-clicking the aura/buff icon in the upper left.

Eventually the auras will turn off if you unequip the gem, but it's not implemented yet.
flucser wrote:
Puncture <-- dosent work with 2hand Sword
Correct. I'll update the description to make this clear.
garnmcgaughn wrote:
Is there going to be a way to 'disable' the Auras without having to go to town? with the mana being set aside if you switch them to something different you loose both amounts of mana
You can either right-click the buff icon in the upper right, or cast the aura again - either will turn the aura off.
Currently there's a problem where because turning off an aura takes no time, if you click/press the key to cast the aura again to turn it off, it will turn off, then notice the key is still down and cast it again, so you have to be fast - this is on the list to fix.
Have added
to the list!
Some items in this post are currently unavailable.
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Merc4food wrote:
Syntinen wrote:
Fire(DoT) is the domain of strength(raw damage), cold(slow/freeze) of dexterity(quickness), and lightning(damage multiplier) of intelligence(critical hits).

But your second and third points are wrong, Dex is the one that focuses on crit hits and and lightning damage, as of now they have 0 skills that use cold and therefore can not benefit from the aura. Int does use all three elements but has the most cold damage spells, and therefore Int would benefit the most from the cold damage aura.
He's right. Fire is aligned with Str, cold with Dex, and lightning with Int.
Critical hits are also primarily associated with Int.

This is why Molten Shell is Str and Tempest Shield is Int, among other things.
BigBro89 wrote:
I am not sure if this issue has been discussed before but I am posting this anyways. My character uses tempest shield as an important skill. He is level 39, but the gem is leveled up to require level 40 now so that he cannot use it. Now I have to quit using the skill until he gets to level 40. This should not be possible to level up a skill gem to above level of character that has it equipped or at least there should be a warning message telling you not to accept leveling the gem because your character will not be able to use it.
I just tested, and it's definitely not letting me actually level my gems until I meet all the requirements, both attributes and level.
Is it possible you reached level 40 and leveled the gem, then lost some XP to dying and went back to 39?
Alternately, do you have the gem in an item that's giving it +1 to level?
Fire trap deals spell damage. Also, you seem to have missed Molten Shell, which is a fire spell.

Nevertheless, more spells are coming.
The Ice Shot and Arctic Breath gems are now on the forum.
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