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not quite sure if this is the place but i recently thought of (what i consider neat) idea of a new skill gem. Oil (spit, pool, wave etc), coats enemies in a 90 degree arc infront of the caster with oil that does low spell damage. When the affected enemy takes fire damage with in X amount of time they burst in flames causing them to have the burning effect and damage nearby enemies for a certain amount of fire damage. Thoughts?
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Heal skill. Will it be implemented some day?
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Follower spells would be pretty cool. Either as a skill gem or support gem.

Basically a mobile totem with severely reduced damage.

You can have one that just uses whatever skill you have linked. Another that attacks melee with physical damage and you add support gems like added fire damage to them.

Can monetize it by adding custom skins/models/effects.
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Skill gems that provide us with defensive or offensive buffs should last a little longer! Molten shell for example: it's an awesome skill gem for marauders or templars, but the buff doesn't last so long to take effect all the time. So basically you spend a lot of mana for nothing most of the time, unless you really know when to use it. Some times when i cast it and i'm surrounded by enemies it doesn't even explode because it didn't last long enough or because the threshold level is too high for the limited duration of this skill. I hope that made sense, me not being english and all.

I think the base duration should be 12 or 14 sec and never 10. Its mana cost demands a longer duration. Make it more worthwhile.
Molten Shell's threshold is really only a problem in A1 Normal. In A2 it pops moderately often (especially if you have a shield; Blocked damage also counts, and a block is 100% reduction), and in Cruel and onwards it basically *will* explode. Simply reducing the threshold for the first couple levels of MS would fix the problem too.
Will there be any companion skills, it would seem only natural for ranger to roll some kind of animal companion?
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When i edit my skills on Weaponset 1 they are also automaticly edited with skillset 2.. So whats the point? I want melee skills with my swords and magic skills with my wand... But when i change a Wand skill to fireball my sword skillset also has fireball... Why? This should be fixed...
I just have a few ideas for skill gems in general, so I think this is the right place. This might have already been suggested, but I don't really know, so here goes.

I started playing last night and I found that the requirements for using skill gems could be a little more obvious. For example, I picked Sweep as a quest reward not realizing that it's only usable with two-handed axes or maces (and staffs I guess) and not 1-handed maces. It would really help a lot if the usable weapons were separated from the skill description in their own little category, much like how mana cost and level & stat requirement are. Ideally it would specify each individual type of weapon and not just "two handed axe or mace," something like:

Usable weapons: Staffs, Two Handed Axes, Two Handed Maces

Another thing is that when picking skill gems as a quest reward it seems like it's not clear if you meet level & stat requirements unless you specifically check your level and stats yourself. I might be wrong and simply wasn't paying attention when I picked Bear Trap but I ended up not being able to use it for a bit either way because I didn't realize I needed more dex.

Also, as a little quality of life thing, it would be cool if right clicking a piece of equipment with a single gem in it removed that gem instead of needing to hover over the gem every time and right click. I understand the use for hovering over a specific gem if the gear has multiple gems in it, but if there's only 1 gem in it (whether because there's only 1 socket or there's only 1 gem in the gear for the moment) then there's no real need to hover over it so that you don't remove the wrong gem since there's only 1 socketed anyways.

I think that's about it for now.
Cleave compared to Groundslam / Sweep is so bad ....
GS/Sweep works with maces, so you can perma-stun most enemies with some passive skills and Sweep does 360° damage and Groundslam is a ranged attack with meele weapons.

With cleave, I have only a 120°? degree damage radius and can't stun and I have to meele = less survability.
Where's the reason to take Cleave at all? Mostly everybody in the marauder forum takes 2h-mace with Sweep + Groundslam for that reasons.
Spectral Throw
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