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If I have a curse set to cast on critical strike with an increased rarity support gem does the rarity support gem work for the duration of the curse?

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310 wrote:
We should be able to weapon swap to use vaal gems

lol that would be STUPID op - rack up souls with your normal weaps, swap to a super insane damage 2her and cast vaal double strike (based upon base damage) to do UBER dmg....i tried it because i thought of it, but they obviously thought and knew that would be crazy OP and abused

once per character you can synthesizes two gems together.
This would create a new combination skill and be permenantly character bound.
pre req... kill Atziri?
Request for lightning herald skill please!
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Add a Curse that grants bonus souls when killing

will make Vaal Gems more usable

as for me

Request for Vaal Totem (that casts any random spell with 50% more Area Effect on lv.1)
Dont make Ball lightning with cooldown and 3 uses.
It will make it:
1. just another CoC spell because that can ignore cd
2. just another lighting trap because 3 uses = 3 traps
3. just another non selfcaster spell because of cd.
Just dont create another Cold snap spell.
Do vaal gems ignore soul requirments when used with coc?
Because that wouldn't be insanely broken, right. Of course they don't.
my system would be insanely broken if it worked lol
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these gems sound really powerful, probably beyond our wildest dreams if you equip on a unique weapon. Also, i feel like puncture could be modified a little bit, as in ''enemies bleed and occasionally miss their attacks on you and your party members''. that would be cool.

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