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With no more official races why aren't the start gems more balanced out.

Glacial Hammer and Ele Prolif vs Viper Strike and Lesser Poison?

Or Spectral Throw and Onslaught.

Also some gems lost their identity now. Viper Strike works like Dual Strike w/ Chaos yes but kinda should a some rework if you took away its one thing it had over the others.

If you can detect when a project hits a wall, why make a gem that makes projectiles come back after hitting a wall or travelling so far. And maybe make it use a chain tag which chains off the walls. You guys basically gave up on the proj return thing.

How about a gem that creates a barrier like blade vortex does but with arrows only. So you could make Lightning Arrow Barrier or Ice Shot Barrier. The arrow will travel around you and the arrow must pierce maybe to make it work but triggers its affects when it hits an enemy. Now arrow builds have to be tanky and area nodes work well with bow builds' trees and make people try different trees.

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