Vipermagi wrote:
DD321123 wrote:
You clearly have no intent on balancing this aura, so please just remove it.

Just because your builds don't need it doesn't make it useless. Any RF build, Minion builds and any Aura support build all like Vitality.

This is why the MVP program is a slippery slope. Viper you have been right in many cases and have a wealth of game knowledge. But when people see an MVP post they take it as gospel even if its incorrect. Vitality is awful and can be obtained mana reservation free for 2 passive nodes on the tree. Vitality is so bad that end game RF builds DO NOT use vitality...they actually prefer to use purity of fire and determination.

If you are considering doing a life regen build vitality is honestly a last resort skill.
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TheAshmaker wrote:
Vitality is so bad that end game RF builds DO NOT use vitality...they actually prefer to use purity of fire and determination.

I beg to differ.

Determination is only worthwhile on Life builds if you have pretty dang expensive gear (Life, Str and Armour? Ugh). Until then, the Life Regen is just as useful as the smattering of Armour. Sure, the ultimate end game goal is to not need Vitality. Who the fuck cares.
Additionally, there's bosses that don't deal (notable) Physical Damage where Vitality is de-facto better. It also helps a ton in Smothering/-Max Res maps.

You're being incredibly shortsighted.

(also it's VP, not MVP)
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I find Vitality to be vastly suboptimal to all other forms of healing short of flat regen on gear. I would like to see Vitality re-examined, perhaps in the context of re-examining the way life regeneration works in general ( Asking to re-examine the role this gem could take in this game is not a form of "bashing" or whining. It is in GGG's best interests to ensure that cookie-cutting is minimized; the more true equi-valent build options players have at their disposals, the more actual real choices we have, the more valuable this game becomes. PoE would benefit greatly by upholding to the strategy of keeping skill gems as globally useful as possible and allowing unique items to take the role of niche-creators or niche-fillers. Currently, Vitality is a niche item, akin to Call of the Brotherhood or what have you -- nice to use under certain circumstances (perhaps some expensive-ass low-life RF ES builds), but just not something you would normally have in your repetoire of choices. This would be different if it offered different kinds of bonuses or did not have the substantial mana reservation cost.

Currently, to utilize Vitality you need to spend 1 gem slot and 35% of your mana (and of course less if you invest heavily in items or passives which influence this). I have used Vitality in niche situations when I felt it was "worth it", but quite frankly, PoE (like all ARPGs) is about effectiveness, and currently PoE offers much more effective ways of obtaining 1.65% life regeneration. The less niche-like gems become, the more real choices we have. Leave the niches to the uniques.
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How about add flat life to vitality to be counter part of discipline?

It can be general buff for life based character.
1% life regen
150 life
I think vitality is way too weak even for rf as well.

My last RF build didn't use vitality either. I think sustaining passive sustaining rf is a bit unnecessary now.

Mostly is from perspective of (low life or not) guardian or berserker, maybe trickster, maybe combine with esh visage + beast fur shawl builds

Berserker basically can get 12% average regen every 2 seconds from warcry... While warcrying all the time can be annoying and it is slightly dangerous missing like 5-10% of your max life sometimes, I think it is gameplay wise flexible.

In clear speed meta you should be getting flask charges like crazy a lot of the time, so just a simple ruby flask should really keep you full if you want to be extra safe. You can do no regen too if you're not pure rf (rely on rf for damage) okay too cause you probably got more damage on tree and gear rather than more regeneration.

Guardian's gets like 6% average regen from time of need, of course same problem if you really relying on it you lose like up to 5% of your max es/life sometimes and degening while in battle can be a bit spooky.
Life is now very weak now, I would suggest changing the vitality to:
10% increase life at lvl 1 going up to 29% at lvl 20
So if u have 2500 base life u get 725 extra life from lvl 20 gem.
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Why vitality still sucks ass? Ppl complianing about this shitty aura for years.why not doing anything tho?

While Im havng 1000 regen per second with my templar.this aura thingy gave me something like 140 life regen only.its almost same with this should be an aura?
I guess one of the merits of vitality is that it is just a 35% aura. For some builds stacking aura effect and using ascendency bonuses (flat, scalable bonuses per aura ie unwavering faith and commander of darkness), just having more auras regardless of what they do, is beneficial, and it is more effective than purity of elements. Though on my last aura bot, i ran purity of elements instead just because I didn't want to bother to chrome my gear anymore.
Make Vitality life regen based on maximum amount of health, it would have some proper use in heavy life builds, right now ~1.65% on life regen itself is epicly underwhelming and in most cases useless, minions would benefit from it tremendously because of their natural high amounts of high health.
Or to balance it out, have it reduce your maximum health pool instead of mana pool or maybe both like you always like to make stuff with a double edged sword effects.

Life Regen % based on Max Health.

optional effects
Max Health reduced heavily at the start and then goes to 0 at certain point

and maybe Life Regen starts high and then goes lower.
(this is kinda iffy as it would make the end be the same as the start almost, but yeah you wouldn't get max health pool penalty that would increase the effect of the life regen while life regen itself goes lower, but considering life regen is based on max health it should stay same in it's effectivness or even get better if you had uber amounts of health considering health reduce % is bigger than the life regen % based on max health)

or vice versa (fully if you include "and maybe*" part)
Max Health pool increased a lot a the start but goes lower while Life Regen % based on Max Health increases a lot.

or just
Life Regen % and increase Max Health Pool.

PS. not being biased in terms of characters, but slightly being biased in terms of minions.
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Golem's blood and Warrior's Blood give 1.6-1.8 and are 1 passive point each.

It's absolutely absurd that 35% mana reserved at level 20 provides 1.65% life regen.

For some builds, using the golem is much better and there's no mana reserved!

RF builds have made many aspects of the game locked into place due to the fact that a change could brake all of them. I hope that's the reason the gem hasn't been changed because if GGG actually thinks that 1.65% regen for a gem slot, 35% mana and the dire consequences of both draw-backs is justifiable, they're bonkers.

Give RF builds regen elsewhere and make vitality something people don't laugh at when you consider using it. The gem is an absolute joke atm when we have things like arctic armor, or radically more beneficial auras that cost less mana!

Perhaps completely change vitality all together?

Combine it with determination and up the reservation?

Maybe it gives you the ability to carry 10 more weight?

Could it give increased mana and life regen?

Could it counteract/mitigate stun/block mechanics?

Give it a little more regen with conditions preventing abuse?

Maybe add some leech to it - 0.4%?

It could have a maximum strength cap: like anything under 200 strength gets more regen than anything over 200 strength?

Right now it's in a sad state of affairs, however the Watcher's Eye gem does help with that. I just can't justify to anyone saying "buying a 30 ex gem makes it less garbage!".

Perhaps i'm missing somewhere in the forums that mentions that the gem is in a perfectly reasonable amount of builds and I just haven't explored build diversity enough. It just feels like a waste of 35% mana!

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