Currently there are many ways for increasing life regen. 35% reserved mana just for 1.6 is a joke. It should be more like 5% at level 20+. Even with 15% reserved mana it would still look bad. The only reason one would use Vitality right now is the Watcher's Eye, but that's very expensive.
I second everyone who for 5+ years in this thread has pointed out the relative uselessness of Vitality.

The watchers eye jewel is no excuse to leave this aura comparatively broken..

Making it more like the Discipline for life builds would be a sensible..and long overdue.. change
This aura has it's use in keeping minions alive. However, 35% mana reserved for 1.65% life regen seems prohibitively expensive vs what we have on the tree. Especially when you consider how big a boost the other mana reservation auras do compared to what is available on the tree.
ESPECIALLY if you consider what you get with the consecrated ground and the new 6% life regen, triple radius flask.
Utility flasks are usually comparable in power to mana reservation auras, sometimes better, sometimes worse.
Here the disbalance is HUGE, you get 40% damage AND TRIPLE life regen for everyone AND 100% inc crit chance from regular sulphur flask, let alone unique one.

Sure, there is interaction with Watcher's Eye, but that just shows how powerful Watcher's eye itself is (it gives either more life regen than Vitality itself, or provides up to 30% OVERALL life recovery, multiplying all bonuses, or gives 30 LGoH which is better than half the actual gem itself, and certainly better than other LGoH sources). So yes, Watcher's Eye is powerful combined with Vitality aura (and costs to match).

Vitality aura itself has been so overrun by time that it's pretty much useless for self-regen, it's barely equal to Marble Amulet prefix or one stat on one piece of gear (or sometimes not even half as that). For 35% mana reservation.
Heck, even Purity of Elements is at least double that, if not more.

Please, GGG, when you revisit Physical Damage skills for next league, can you also revisit Vitality aura?
No game breaking buffs please, just make it viable for more builds so we have to choose and compromise.

I am not sure if minion life regen needs to be buffed or not, they have a large life pool anyway. I would likely keep it below 2%. Also, I am not in favor of reducing % mana reserved as that would make Watcher's Eye way too powerful.

Some suggestions:
- Some buff to personal life regen (+1 life regen per level), or flat added life like on Discipline (+1 base life per level), that would certainly be more than welcome and make it viable.

Thanks for reading!
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