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0.9.7d - I respecced my tank again, and chose a different, more centralized build. Also, I finally located a Blood Magic support gem, so I was finally able to manipulate my tank build and try to really make use of this aura!

By removing my Blood Magic passive, my level 65 marauder has a mana pool of a little over 300 with his gear on. I was able to breeze through Maelstrom of Chaos zones with the new 0.9.7d changes (averages monsters DPS into faster hits, less spikes), but by removing the blood magic passive and using my mana pool I was also able to run Vitality, which really made the zones a huge joke and not a threat.

Even though the Blood Magic support gem has an increased mana multiplier of 250% at level 1, I had no trouble linking it to my Molten Shell, Glacial Hammer, and Enduring Cry skills and using them over and over. Since I now had a mana pool, I was able to run Vitality and Grace at the same time, with enough mana leftover to shield charge whenever I needed to.

My final goal for my 0.9.7d build is to get a little more max mana and run the following:

Vitality Aura
Determination Aura
Grace Aura

I will link the auras to my reduced mana cost gem which should allow me to run all three at the same time. Then I will have Shield Charge, Enduring Cry, and Molten Shell linked to my Blood Magic support gem. It is a full tank build that doesn't focus on DPS, so not having my main skills linked to increased damage support gems is not an issue anymore.

**I finally ran a party of 4 the other night and saw just how powerful auras really are. When they all stack together from all the players and then even buff people's minions, it is VERY clear that 40% mana reserve was a correct amount to have on some of these auras. It's crazy how good they become in a large party! Right now, with a mid-teen level Reduced Mana Cost support gem, they are already at 32% mana reserve for me. Overall, I think GGG actually balanced these very well. You have to make a few sacrifies to use multiple auras on a single character effectively, but when partying the auras really take things through the roof!

For reference, my 0.9.7d build has approximately (with self-auras on):
7000 HP
450 HP regen/sec
20000 armor
30% chance to evade

In 0.9.7c I pretty much had to use my +80%armor flasks, now in 0.9.7d I have not had to touch a flask again.

Also, in 0.9.7c I tried a build with 4 endurance charges, in 0.9.7d my build does not use any extra endurance charges, NOR the +0.2% life regen / endurance charge passive. At its current position in the tree, it is NOT worth it for a level 55-70 tank to get when there are so many other CLOSER options in the tree that will make you stronger. Now, once more content is added and if my character was, say, level 75-80, I would definitely pursue the passive skill to "top off" my build. But currently it is NOT worth it IMO.
Thanks for a more detailed feedback, but actually want to learn when Vitality gem is about on level 15+ how much hp it regens, actually gonna test my mara build as Blood Magic(keystone)+blood rage + vitality or haste, on the very first spec. After testing if i would have decent regen i may stick with Haste, rather than Vitality. So its important for me.

my planned build.

Edit: After reading other feedbacks of users who use Haste/Vitality, think that these auras do not worth their 40% mana/hp reserve ratio, which is i can't disagree either considering they dont scale properly, Haste is even worse i think.
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So, this skill regenerates x% of the life of the ally receiving a vitality aura and NOT x% of the life of the person generating the aura to all allies, correct? I know this method is how other auras work, but I'd like to confirm it anyway.
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Check out the Path of Exile wiki:
I found the gem recently and i have to say the 40% mana reserve is so much that i have a hard time even considering using it.
I have a marauder, nearly strength only, so mana is rare. Halfing it is quite cirppling and the life regen is not that big.

Why does some auras have % mana reserved ans some a fixed amount?
A hypothetical question, but say that you had 100% fire resistance, will your energy shield work like blood rage currently does? It should regenerate if you are not taking any damage

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread. (Also, I was only asking because there was a bug where it wasnt happening properly with Blood rage. When I get 100% fire resistances I was hoping that it would work properly, So I was mostly asking so they could check).
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Metronomy wrote:
A hypothetical question, but say that you had 100% fire resistance, will your energy shield work like blood rage currently does? It should regenerate if you are not taking any damage

Not sure what this has to do with vitality...

If you somehow resisted 100% of the damage coming in, your energy shield would enter the cooldown recharge phase. The only time the recharge timer resets is when you actually take damage, so if you're not taking damage for whatever reason, your ES will recharge.
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I had high hopes when I first received Vitality as a quest reward. The 40% reserved mana/life if using Blood Magic is just crippling.

I can't make use of it. Investing in life regeneration nodes makes more sense. Not even reduction can help make the skill worth it. I would have loved to be the life regen aura/rejuv totem teammate.

Also, I'd like to mention that after activating the aura for my first time, I tried turning it off and what it did was take off another 40% of my life. What resulted was my only and most infuriating death ever in PoE, as Marauder, as I was killed by stray monsters at 20% health. :[

I have to activate the skill 3 times to turn it completely off. I have no idea if that's intentional, but in addition to having a hard time being utilized properly, I can't even turn it off unless I'm very, very safe. That doesn't make sense since I'm on the front lines and in the middle of the pack with my Enduring Cry and Molten Shell.

Well, anyway, good luck and keep up the good work.
i believe that is a bug of auras themselves, the not turning off properly plus costing to do so.

as for the 40% hp for such a little regen. yeah which is why the blood magic support gem is becoming nicer than the passive as far as wanting to use auras and still spend life for attacks.
ANyone out there know the value for a lvl 20 vitality?
Wiki says 1.5%/sec (Vit gains +0.5%/sec per level).
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