So would increased buff effects work on this (and other auras?)
Kendroxide wrote:
So would increased buff effects work on this (and other auras?)
Yes, those passives will increase the effect you get from all auras (except for enemy debuff auras, such as slow and that zombie with the chaos degen aura).
The dexterity Hatred aura is so much stronger.
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May I present a humble request for a minor change: Please rename this skill something like Fury or Rage.

As it stands, the name sounds weak in comparison to the other elemental damage auras, and my ADHD won't leave me alone about it.

"You see that guy over there? He doesn't just despise the enemy, he HATES them with a passion. And look over there. You see that? That isn't just retribution. That's full blown WRATH. But that guy; the one right over there? He's just a tad bit ANGRY. If only we could work him up until he's FURIOUS, get him RAGING like a mad man, we might be able to get some use out of him as a warrior. But, alas, we've tried all we can."
i think Anger need a small "rework" for buff two-hand weapons,if Anger would add fire dmg in % of main dmg,it will be more effective.
just thinking,my templar have 61-182 dmg,and anger level 5,so anger adds 14-23 fire dmg,but if Anger have a 25% of main hand dmg,it will be 30.5 fire dmg.Iv seen a one handed mace that have around 60-80 dmg,so if we plus the passives,dmg will be around 84-112 and Anger will add 24.5 fire dmg,so one-handed weapon still have normal skill dmg with this "rework"

sorry for my bad english.
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It's intended that some work with % and some don't. Just like added fire damage support gem is the only element damage support that works with %, hatred is the only element damage aura that works with %.
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So the Marauder 38% fire damage increase will work with the fire based on Anger?
Anger, Hatred and Wrath now count as fire, cold and lightning gems, respectively. This will go through to beta in an upcoming patch.
Does it work with Increased Weapon Elemental Damage or Added Fire Damage? As it increases my Weapon's Elemental Damage/Fire Damage?

And what exactly do you mean with count as gems? They are already fire/cold and lightning gems?
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