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Balance & Design
Last bumped on Sep 24, 2020, 12:36:30 AM
faerwin wrote:
"mana reserved 40"

While I wouldn't dislike it if it only reserved a flat amount, I think you mean 40%

In general, auras which provide a percentage increase in player effectiveness need to be a percentage cost for balance reasons. Those which, like this one, add a flat amount of bonus, can safely cost (and reserve) only a flat amount of mana.
anteolsson wrote:
I added an Increased Cast Speed support gem to this skill and in the tool tip it says that me and nearby allies gain that increased cast speed. However, my cast speed does not increase when the skill is active.
It's trying to tell you the aura spell itself is getting increased cast speed (i.e. you cast the aura faster), but the aura formatting of stats is taking over. Will try to fix this soon, thanks for the report.

anteolsson wrote:
Also it does not seem to add the damage to spells, only to attacks. Is that how it is supposed to be?
Yes, this is intended. It says in the skill description that it adds damage to attacks. It will not affect spells.
Anger, Hatred and Wrath now count as fire, cold and lightning gems, respectively. This will go through to beta in an upcoming patch.
Your minions are your allies - they will benefit from the aura while in range, and you should be able to see the small aura effects on them when this is the case.
Teaboar wrote:
Do passive skills that increase lightning damage also increase the lightning damage of this aura on all allies?
That depends on what you're actually asking.

This aura grants stats for bonus lightning damage on attacks to all allies within the radius. If those players have lightning damage passives, they will apply to the base lightning damage they get on their attacks as a result.

Your passives will not affect other player's damage like that, but they will increase the lightning damage you get from having the buff active.
thrilled wrote:
Teaboar wrote:
Okay, thanks for the confirmation.

What if you for example use an Added Chaos Damage and an Added Fire Damage support gem respectively in a linked socket with this aura, would it then also add chaos and fire damage to all allies on top of it's usual damage mod?

Well if I am not totally wrong then they will NOT apply to the wrath cause wrath is not considered being a skill that does damage. Instead it is a buff that gives the buffed objects the ability to do some extra damage. So the Add x damage gems only work on skills that actually do damage by themself.

Correct. The added damage supports add to damage dealt by the supported skill. Auras do not deal damage, so are not supported.
Any elemental damage you deal with (non-unarmed) attacks will be increased by weapon elemental damage nodes. This includes added attack damage from Wrath.
No, the description is correct. It is a spell damage modifier, and as such only applies to spell damage.

It will only apply to ailments or DoT in cases where a something explictily makes spell damage modfiiers apply to those things.

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