It has a really really short range, can someone point out to me where on the passive skill tree are abilities that would increase this range (i've been looking and cannot find), or does the range increase with level?

This is a very nice skill to be paired with minions.

this is the beginning for a templar i am playing.
doesnt have all that yet.

also incrase of 3% per level of the gem if i remember right.

my templars auras are lvl2 so only 3% extra range due to gem and 3 times 6% more aoe and one time 18% aoe.
sadly even with these 2rd of the auraclutches the range is very low, around one forth to one third of a screen.
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Increased area of effect radius, I'm assuming it affects the aura and not lightning skills, because it definitly doesn't work on those.

Also, the toggle is very buggy. For one you have to drain all your mana to properly turn it off.

Sometimes it looks like it's on, when the icon says it's off, and vise versa. This also bugs up the mana reserve.
This doesn't seem to count as a lightning gem and level bonuses aren't' applied.
Anger, Hatred and Wrath now count as fire, cold and lightning gems, respectively. This will go through to beta in an upcoming patch.
daymyth1987 wrote:

This is a very nice skill to be paired with minions.

I was wondering if "allies" also meant minions for this aura. I can't really tell (as I'm a little noobish :P ). If the aura definitely does affect the minions as well as any allied party members you may be playing with, it'd be great to see an onscreen indication... unless there is one that I've missed? If I'm wrong, please someone tell me what to look for. Thanks!
Your minions are your allies - they will benefit from the aura while in range, and you should be able to see the small aura effects on them when this is the case.
Hmm thank you for that. I was looking for their aura while I was standing next to them and couldn't see it... perhaps it just hadn't kicked in when I looked. I'll double check and make sure I'm not just being blind :)

Edit: I see - the circling balls around the minions? I had thought they were power charge related or something like that as I'm unfamiliar with them. I was expecting to see a circle round their feet similar to my aura one :)
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Do passive skills that increase lightning damage also increase the lightning damage of this aura on all allies?
Your passives will not increase it because you're not dealing damage, you're giving them lightning damage on their attacks. But if they have any boosts to lightning or elemental damage then this damage will benefit from it just like lightning damage on items would.

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