I have a question about Raised Zombies under the effect of Wrath
do the lightning damage nodes apply there aswell?
Passives apply to you, not your minions.
Wrath is first added to the Attack, and then %Increased Damage is applied.

Ie. no, it won't work.
Do Wrath skill work with "Added Cold Damage" support gem?
because I see no changes.
wrath does not attack or hit things, added cold does nothing to wrath.
added cold goes onto spells or attacks that hit things. auras don't hit, they buff.
Is it planned that this gem will stay at a fixed amount of mana stored or will it be percentage based like hatred? (I hope it will stay like it is now tbh)
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Auras with flat bonuses have flat Reserves. That's how it's worked in the past and how it's going to work, unless something goes horribly wrong :P
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Can the lightning damage from the Wrath aura grant shock stacks? And if it is possible, is the shock stack only applied on critical hits? I was thinking about using Wrath so that my zombies and skeletons could apply shock stacks while fighting, but maybe that's not viable if they are not getting critical hits.

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Upon further research, it seems that the duration of shock is actually determined by the amount of lightning damage you are doing. So, wrath damage alone probably won't amount to much for shocks regardless.
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Does LS' projectiles are benefitted from Wrath aura, lightning damage stacked ?
"This is too good for you, very powerful ! You want - You take"
lightning strike is an attack, so yes.
Hi, I have few questions I need to answer for my new build

Is wrath affected by +%spell dmg and +%lightning nodes?
Is support gem add lightning dmg affected by +spell and +lightning nodes?

and bigest Q:
Is Wrath dmg range still same (1-100), or faster weapons have smaller range(1-50) and slow weapons have bigger range(1-100)? It will be reasonable, because I hit 2x more hits with faster wep => approx 2x more dmg from wrath

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