[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

It is currently 2:10 pm Pacific time. Youtube says video procesing will take about another 55 minutes. Link should be active at that time. Sorry for the wait.

Confirmed video of Hall of GMs link works.

Don't know if i suffered a bug or if this has been stated previously :
Reassembled Brutus(act6) seems immune to poison, i was unable to kill it with this build and got someone to help me.
Can anyone shed some light for me?
Ahhh, not a bug, but I should add this to the FAQ--it is not common and I wasn't thinking about it when I wrote the guide. Occasionally enemies will seem to be unpoisonable due to their phys or chaos reduction. Often just removing the GMP gem for the duration of the fight will solve this. If it doesn't, also substitute a lesser poison gem for the poison gem, as lesser poison adds flat chaos damage. A leveled lesser poison solves this in all cases.


[edit] FAQ updated.
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Hey there ,

first, thanks for this Build, its amazing^^

Now i try to maximize my Crawler Dmg, and i think about using an unnatural instinct jewel at the Gemslot in the Archertree, but will it work?

I am not shure that "projectile dmg" passives will affect the crawler?

i know i lost some blockchances, but the benefits looks nice to me, if it works :/ i get poison stacking the Dodge and the projectile dmg.

So, can u help me there pls ?

For those that are on Xbox or have too much lag with bow, I have been working on a wand version of this. APs is only at 2.7 right now (versus 5.2 with quill rain same tree). But you can still tank no problem. Here is a video of Colosseum with shaper, just standing in all of the attacks w/o using flasks. https://xboxclips.com/Corrison/cd3f8112-f9e1-4a38-a1d6-ef932aa81cda

Still got some tweaking to do, and can post some gear later if others need. But I wanted to give a big thanks to OP for starting this.
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Re Wand version:
Very good! And glad it is going well. I look forward to hearing about how your variation performs against the endgame content.

Re: Unnatural Instinct.

Projectile damage has 0 benefit to crawler--only nodes with a "minion" tag affect your minions. But even increased minion damage has very little benefit to the crawler. Here's why:

Most of the time you are in a boss fight your crawler is working at close to 40 stacks. It is getting around 20% increased damage per stack, for a total of 800% increased damage. This means your crawler does 9x its base damage before you ever take a node on the tree. A node that increases it's damage by a face value of 20% is only additive, not multiplicative. Taking such a node results in only slightly over a 2% increase in damage, and is inefficient.

If you are looking to maximize crawler damage at the expense of anything else, you need to find all the "more" or "damage added as" multipliers for minions that you can, add whatever levels to the gem you can, and get all the "enemies take increased damage" modifiers you can. I believe I have already located most of these and put them in the guide, though I will be delighted if someone comes up with something I missed. To recap these are:

6L coming Calamity (+2 levels with 6 Link)
lvl 21 Herald of Agony gem
lvl 4 Empower (+3 gem levels)
Hatred-Generosity (More multiplier cold damage)
Spirit Offering (Added as multiplier chaos damage)
Withering touch in the barrage (enemies take increased chaos damage)
Gluttony (Enemies are hit more often due to decreased evasion)

I can give you one more damage boost that will sacrifice significant clear speed: Substitute Vile Toxins for Pierce.

Since your boss fights will typically have over 9 poison stacks, a vile toxins gem will give you a 45% more damage multiplier instead of Pierce's 20% more multiplier. In practice I did not find this to be worthwhile, as pierce helps in dealing with adds which are present in most boss fights and the damage was sufficient for my purposes, so it was not part of my write up, but there you go.


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Thought i'd post my variant here, i've decided to drop kaom plate and opt for Cospri's chest with curse on hit enfeeble on my barrage. Dropped thief's torment as well and opted for two elder rings with t1 LGOH/some flat life. Have also decided to run aspect of the spider for a 3 point investment on the skill tree in the form of 8% reduced mana reservation. I have 100% mana reserved but zero mana cost on all my skills through elreon -mana enchants. have 7.9k hp currently @ lvl 89, I should be just over 8k @ lvl 90 but the following 5-6 points will be spent on damage nodes so i've nearly plateaued on the tree as far as life is concerned. No flat life on helm, missing a few tiers on the coral ring, could feasibly drop the unset for another coral and gain quite a bit of life on gear.

Some of the upsides to my variant are intimidate, spider aspect 15% more multiplier ontop of that. Enfeeble and spider aspect slow, maim, and higher evasion through cospri's etc.

Don't think I can get quite to the level of Kaom's life but shouldn't be far off, hopefully plenty sufficient with the enfeeble enemy damage reduction.

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I love the creativity of this set up, and I am very interested in hearing further on how it fairs as you do the endgame/delve deeper. Good luck!

Orion72 wrote:
I love the creativity of this set up, and I am very interested in hearing further on how it fairs as you do the endgame/delve deeper. Good luck!


Thanks mate, will update when I have pushed it a bit further. Ran t14 elder guards last night @ lvl 88 with 7,750 HP and only eradicator was threatening whatsoever. Was running temp chains over enfeeble at the time, enfeeble turns out to be much much stronger.

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