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Has anyone tried this build out in delves? If so, does it perform pretty well?
Orion72 wrote:
Re: doubling damage/halving LGOH

This one is really a matter of taste it you are SC. It will probably be great in most situations and a little more sketchy in some. Try it out and report back is my favorite answer here. :>

(For HC, I have tried the build with 1/2 the LGOH or so in more than one variation, and I cannot recommend.)

Re: Coming calamity variation what do to with extra link?

I might try something like this:

6L chest: HOA>Min Dam>DOFL>Pierce>Vicious Proj>Empower 4
6L Gloves: Barrage>Faster att>Poison>GMP>LGOH>WT
6L Bow: Vaal Grace>Phase Run>Blink Arrow>Convocation>Inc Duration>Blood Magic
4L Boots: CWDT>IC>Desec>Spirit Off
4L Helm: Hatred>Generosity>War Banner>Enlighten 4



Thank you very much for your answer! I currently do not have Enlighten 4 (only Enlighten 3) yet, but I still tried to put on War Banner ... which left me with absolutely zero mana left. Do you think putting on Enlighten 4 will allow me to have enough mana for Barrage?
Sorry for the double post in succession here, but I just plugged in POB:

Hatred + Enlighten 4 + War Banner
Plus my 45% Coming Calamity

I'll have 20 mana leftover, which is not enough for barrage
Re Hatred/Enlighten 4/generosity/war banner Mana issues:

May need one or two of the reservation reduction nodes to make this work.
Alternatively (and perhaps even better) consider leaving off war banner and enlighten and replace with a second CWDT linked to vortex, which will chill your enemies with a pleasant slowing effect.

Re Delving:

I have enjoyed delving with the build very much and made it down to 537. Once you are up over 9k life, it can usually handle 1-2 damage mod delves and bosses just fine, 3 damage mod delves with significant caution. Delving does require good play/movement as some of the post death effects can do enough damage to one shot on a crit.

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After a short vacations, courtesy of my new found carpal tunnel syndrome, i did my first mastermind ever.

deathless :D

this is one of my favorte build ever
My season is pretty much over, but I come back periodically to smile at posts like these. :>

Another thank you post here. This is my 4th char this league and by far the best.

I'm currently at 74 with two deaths - quite an accomplishment for me lately. First was due to derping during the fight with my nemesis, Innocence, and was completely avoidable. Second was in the third encounter with Izaro in cruel lab, which I ran immediately after an easy-peasy first lab.

I am looking forward to getting past level 90 with this fellow and showing my arc miner (100+ deaths) how it is done.

Many thanks for sharing this build!
Yay! :)
Good luck!
Guys, I have never bin so far with a hardcore character... every minute is exciting and i dont want to die :-) can you check my profile and see what i can improve as quick as possible and which skill-tree points are the next most important ones?? Is it life or endurance charges?
Its my first time jugger, first time herald, and first time hardcore :-)

Sometimes the herald is walking/shooting realy badly, for example if i jump up hills, he stay back and cannot hit anymore.. how can i fix it?

This is my gear for now:
Re: tree/gearcheck/herald AI

Glad it's going well!

On tree, with apologies, I wont have access to my actual comp until Tues. (Out of town) and too difficult to do this on phone. If someone else high level can help you out, well and good.

For gear, it should all be in the guide, by level. You will want your kaoms, 6L gloves and 6L helm, prolly in that order. Also a penetrating quiver with life and res, attack speed a bonus.

For the herald, slot convocation and make friends with it. This will largely solve the problem.

Good luck!

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