[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

Welp, hanging out in red maps at lvl 88 now. Gea is still garbage, so hard to really know how it will fare later. Blight's have been hit and miss, depending on how they are oriented--You definitely need to get the towers to work if you want to play blight with this build.

Also I am experimenting (like I always do) with using Molten shell. A vaal molten shell dropped for me early, I couldn't buy a gluttony, and the rules of ic & the guard skills make me want to experiment with them this go round.

Will post more when I either die or improve my gear. I can say that I believe build will be viable, but its a tough starter at league-on.

Should be way stronger with the +3 dagger
Not defensively, which is the whole point.


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Does Blood Magic work for this? along with Mortal Conviction.
Oceanbuffalo wrote:
lunkon wrote:
Is there some change with new unique dagger +3 level to agony gem?

In my experience I was using avatar of fire (forgot to unspec it when testing HOAG jugg) and the storm brand variant would not proc virulence stacks. I imagine with the new dagger you will have the same issue cause you deal no ele damage so your poison stacker skill will have to be a physical skill. Could be wrong tho

I think about convert 100% physical to chaos damage with new unique glove. Is there other way to stack poinson with chaos damage?
Enterich wrote:
Someone reached maps so far and cal tell us how this build is doing against the blight mechanic?

Monster from blight gate move so fast from many direction (in blight map}. Best way against this machenic is zombie, alot of zombies, imo. Active towers and keep virulence and focus on many target at the same time is hard. This build just for boss, not for blight.
Re Blood Magic:
Nope, its not an aura.

Lvl 91 and 4th on the delve ladder atm.
Build remains excellent at what it was built for, but it's crap at the blights.
I'll prolly use it for bossing and respec something clearspeedy to play with the league mechanic.


P.S. Have fallen in love with Vaal Molten shell. Will try to post up my re-spec of the build in the next few days.

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Orion72 wrote:

Build remains excellent at what it was built for, but it's crap at the blights.

Orian, I totally agree, blights so hit or miss, positioning, proper towers critical to clearing them, but I'll work with it myself...

Update on my mix match.. I play Softcore, old and slow here, so.... LVL 80 doing T5's, POB for my toon now: https://pastebin.com/7Ferv53n
Life and 2 end charges for next 10 levels, jewels after that. Not using Hatred/generosity yet, I just finished specking the mana reserve wheel, and will be linking up and using Hatred tonight.

Cleared story at Lvl 69, Kitava deathless, +1 helm at time
specked into agony after library in order to get needed gems, Leveling was smooth for most part, no issues

Still junk gear but T5's no issue at Lvl 80 (highest maps I have for now)

I'm using Fending (Sepia and Verdant oils) on my ammy, and love the knockback effect

Need to start delving, need bound fossils, any hints?

Again, thanks for sharing and being so active with this build, GL/HF
Have much of my gear updated. List is below with a few notes:

Significant Changes:
1. Helm: Bound fossils are very expensive this league. Insanity essences not so much. Since my aesthetic has always been budget builds with power, I have gone the insanity essence route for my pseuodo 6L helm.

2. Ammy: Fire damage on the ammy lets me proc Ele eq, which powers up the insanity portion of the Crawler damage and synergizes with Hatred.

3. Gloves: Still want to be updated to a 6L, but these have done fine through T16 guardians.

4. Aura: Because the insanity helm uses less mana than the original setup, there is just barely enough space to run hatred+geerosity.

5. Armour: I still covet a kaom's, but the high armour chest goes well with Molten shell/Vaal molten shell. These are my go-to defense now, and provide 5-6 and 15-16 seconds of virtual invulnerability, respectively. Feels better than vaal grace used to, tbh.

6. Granite Flask: Subbed in for jade due to synergy with molten shell.

7. Belt: Subbed out Gluttony due to switch to molten shell. Rework to IC and molten shell in 3.7 made the old set up less pwoerful and this one moreso.

8. Curse: Vuln is actually sub-optimal, but it's what I can use with a red socket. Would prefer either poacher's mark (for frenzy charges) or Proj weakness.

Current tree linked below. It's back to being something of a work in progress, But this is what I have so far. Good luck!


Link to tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/fullscreen-passive-skill-tree/AAAABAEBAAHnBLMFLQbGDjwQURLhFCAUTRRxFHUWbxa7GJEY2xo4Gj4abBv6IWAj9iSqJSEl3ycvKPopLi3SMHEwfDD4NZI26TpCOlI6xjrYPC09_ECgQYdKfUt4TZJN41FHVvpYY1nzXaReE18_YPhhUmL0Zp5noHGycg9yqXTtdPF2rHfXeu98uHzZfyuCB4KbgseDX4PMhmCHdozPjX2Nv5BVkc6S0JhNmK2fPqIApBmqqayqrY23PrvtvJ_AAcT2xq7G2Msez37SIdI41CPYvdl83ajd1eNq45_kVeoY7w7vTvAf8azyQfJF9kj3Mve5-Ov56PrS_Ev-Cv6P?accountName=Orion72&characterName=O_AgonyLivesAgain_O
Update: Blights are MUCH more fun now that I have the pseudo 6L.


P.S. Updated Bow set up for hunting Elder:

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