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[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

Orion72 wrote:
Re gluttony:

...Armour works best mitigating against many smaller hits. See the wiki for more details.

b. a guarantee of being able to get back to full endurance charges without requiring an enemy to hit us (via the damage we take when using a move skill proccing the jugg ascendancy.

Amazing, swapped. Thank you!
Thanks for making this strong build,I have been clearing the atlas with no problem ,except for HOGM map.

one question,How deep can we go in Delve mines with this build?

Thanks again
Re Delve:

Personally I made it as far as 445 so far, but I feel the build has the potential to go much deeper. I died only because of my own stupidity--I tried to facetank something that both could not be and didn't need to be (Kurgals second phase double beam).

Because the monster level tops out, we only need to focus on the mods, which can be worked around. 1 damage mod is definitely fine, and I did many delves with 2. 3 starts to feel a little dicey-I did some of these but did them carefully, hanging back and using flares liberally. I did actively avoid some delves with 2 added ele mods -and- 12% pen. Another to watch out for is the 30% chance for mobs to steal charges, as that can leave you intermittently fighting with 0 charges. I did one of those with no other damage mods, but it wanted to be done carefully.

All that said, if you pay attention to the mods you are facing and don't try to facetank the untankable, I don't think there is a theoretical limit. The loot in the cities below 350 or so starts to be very rich in terms of high level maps.
Good luck with the delving--this build is tailor made for it.

Good,Thank you .Im going into the mines now.
Re Insider Trading's lost character from crash:

Nothing but sympathy my friend, this is the very harshest thing about playing hc POE. I have also lost many characters in just this kind of way over the years. And it is depressing every time.

And I still try not to get mad at GGG for it. They are far and away the most attentive game developers out there (that I am aware of) and they have created a truly marvelous free to play ARPG for us. I also won't shift to sc, as there is nothing that gives me the same rush in POE as playing in the hc environment. So I do my best to accept that this is just something that will happen once in a while and move on to the next character.

On the plus side, having played the game since Invasion, I can tell you that it happens -MUCH- less these days and I think they are continuing to work on improvements for this type of problem.

Hope you decide not to quit.


quick update: Level 77, Only 1 death (because i was level 20 something and have the reaction speed of a sleepy sloth) and clearing my first maps without any issues.
this build is on my personal favorites lest among ED/contagion and Enki's arc build

Always glad for that kind of feedback! Go get em!

I have been through many builds this league but I feel that I've finally found the right one. I'm not a particular good player and died countless times, even Maligaro and Kitava got me. However, I just don't enjoy softcore, so I was looking for a tanky yet fun build with good clear speed. So far this has been the tankiest build I've played this league by some order of magnitudes and the clearspeed is also quite nice.

I had one rip in The Pen, thought I could facetank the boss, turned out I can't :D Now I'm a little bit more agile in my playstyle and I hope this time my jugg will last longer.

I came here to thank you for this build, you said that you hope that people who got frustrated with betrayal hardcore will enjoy it more with this build. Let me tell you, this is definetely the case, you made at least me very happy :)

And to all guys and gals who are considering to run this build: Do it! It is dirt cheap, with the exception of thief's torment maybe, which is definetely a must have. It's fun to play, and you can start playing it at level 16, which is a huge plus for me, since I don't like playing a character up to the mid 50's or so with sunder or something similar to finally switch to my build enabling gear. I like to play the build as it's meant to be played as early as possible.

So yeah, TLDR: You're awesome, thanks for sharing this build!

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