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[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos


Thx for the reply, thats nice defensive stats there, just wander do you put any mana reservation node?

Using your advise i just bought the +2 amulet and now my hoa is lvl 32 (im using lioneye + empower 4 though instead helm + kaom) . Atm i feel defensively my jug is quite fine, i did try a8 sirus and manage to tank some of his beam in last phase without getting 1 shot and that was when i was still lvl 85 ish. My current concern is just the hoa damage seems pretty low (not as bad as when i played it with mana guardian) but i hope can find more improvements. This is my pob (cwdt gems set up not work) , also i might try grip of the council gloves later.
Awesome build. Really enjoying it and have had a blast throughout. I ran a HoA Guardian a few leagues back but since that was nerfed hard, I wanted to give Jugg a try. I had a good chunk of currency to get started so was able to transition into the late game rather quickly. Running juiced T16s and just completed A7 Sirus with 2 deaths.

I tried the CIP version but really prefer the QR version with max virulence stacks and gluttony. Seems more survivable and actually faster with a bit less investment. I'm sure the min-maxed version of CIP probably tops out higher but the playstyle isn't as fun IMO.

All that being said, I'm eyeing my next upgrades and was looking for a suggestion. I think Calamitous Visions is the next step unless the +2 amulet should be prioritized? Damage feels pretty good right now and I'm sitting at 7.9k life. Also been looking at a 6L helm with +3 minion gem levels, Minion Damage, and Hypothermia but not sure it's worth 7ex for Hypothermia.
Imho get the +2 amulet first (get the base +2 and craft the other mods yourself), after that its either 6L helmet or lone messenger. Personally i did choose lone messenger as i think its cheaper option (the helmet also need hatred reduce mana reservation as well).

I really enjoy this hoa jug build as well (only cyclone/storm brand, havent tried the bow yet) literally steamroll every content now, the only time die is only to the enslaver as i lazy to change pantheon into immune ignite lol. My PoB dps also 5 millions ish and i think its quite decent for a tank build

Which is the best Aspect for this build?

My first thought was Aspect of the Spider. But the top HoAg Jugg's on Poe ninja run Aspect of the Avian. Why is this?

I was fortunate enough to capture both beasts, so I'm debating which one to add to my +2 amulet.

Thoughts on this?
Aspect of the Spider combined with a maim on hit quiver (Warlords is easiest to roll this on) is one of the most fun defensive combos in all POE. That is all. :>

Thanks :)
So I’ve been running Aspect of the Spider for a day now and no regrets. The webs are a huge QOL! Combined with maim, I can stand in a enormous pack of monsters safely. The damage bonus is very noticeable as well.
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I love the build so far... 1st time I go that far into the game ! loving it.
Most of the stuff is not so expensive.

I am at the point where I have to buy my 3rd jewel with disciple, or Calamitous visions but that way too expensive.
Is there any way to craft these ?

For the +2 Amulet, how do you do ?
Buy a ilv82 hunter amulet, and fossil it until you get +1 lv to all chaos gem / +1 lv to all dexterity gem, craft mod after with harvest ?

Is there an another way ?

Thanks for the guide, thanks for you help.
Not hard to craft a usable 3rd jewel: Get the right base type with only 4 slots of at least ilvl 68 and alt spam for Pure Agony. Then regal and cross fingers. These can be used without the second keystone if you are on a budget. Disciples is actually useless now, post nerf.

To craft your +2 amulet without fossils: Start with a hunter amulet base of at least ilvl 82, then alt spam for +1 Dex gems (this may require many alts) and regal. Ideally you want to regal a suffix or a removable prefix (if you don't hit the +1 chaos gems right off, which is unlikely) Fill up the suffixes via plant craft/workbench. There are only 2 chaos prefix mods available: Chaos damage leeched as life (pref) and +chaos gem level. If you already have the +1 dex gems and 2 open prefixes, you are guaranteed to add the +1 chaos stat with two +chaos plant crafts. you can then use the remove and add life plant craft as many times as necessary to trade the chaos leeched as life stat for a usable life stat.

Good luck!


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