[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

OK I see, I tested that and yes, it does only work on Hex, Curse
that doesn't leave us with a lot of choice :/

vulnerability, punishment, temporal chains, elemental weakness, enfeeble, despair, flammability, frostbite, conductivity.

I only then see enfeeble as an alternative for more defense..

Mana is quiet clunky when leveling, barrage skill stop working when no mana, not even autoatacking anymore..you have then to click again, and loose some of you precious life on hit..

I don't remember that from last season.
maybe it will be better later when I have more level.
There is one other entertaining option:

1. Get maim on hit from a warlord's quiver
2. Get Aspect of Spider (to apply hinder)
3. Use Temp chains in your Mark of Submission
4. Play the game in time stop :>

I haven't tried this yet, but theoretically is should be hilarious. Let me know if anyone gives it a shot.

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Is vulnerability on hit a good option for the the mark of submission ring? Increased phys damage for the crawler
Vuln will have some positive effect, since Crawler still does some phys damage. Only experimentation will tell you whether vuln or punishment or temp chains (or something else) feels better the way you play the game. Try it and find out!

With the new way endurance charge works, it s can of hard to keep it up all the time.
having them on move button doesn't work very well, and manually doing it, is somewhat difficult to manage.

Any tips on how to keep Endurance charges up ?
Once you have your cruel ascendancy gluttony will keep them up for you almost automatically. It is one of the reasons we use that belt.

Anyone tested out punishment for map clearing? Any better than snipers mark?

I'm using trigger socket spell + shield method. Not quill rain etc.
Hey I noticed theres not 3.12 tree for the cold iron point variant. Do I still follow the most up to date tree if I decide to use that vs quill rain?

Also what are your thoughts on using a saffel's shield for +4 max elemental resist vs dual wield cold irons?
Most recent tree for CIP should still be valid. Saffels is a fine defensive choice, but gives up a great deal of offense--the second CIP is worth around 36% more damage, depending on your other gear. This is a matter of taste.

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Can use this build to delve? I just need go around 700 depth

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