[3.5-3.12 HC] Pure Herald of Agony Jugg. All content. Videos

Re pricing:

3-4 ex strikes me as reasonable if it has a useable life roll or open prefix. 1-2.5 ex would be my pricing with no life roll or prefix, depending on base and resists. (Useless base no life, no resists, would still pay an ex and use until I found something better)

Pure eva base or eva/amour base best because easiest to color. Pure es bases are useable but require lots of chroms/Jews to get the right sockets.

3.5 ex is a fair price (imo) for the helm you listed, especially with the open suff for more res.

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Happy New Year everyone.

SC player here. Got immensely frustrated by syndicate, so i decided to try this build and so far everything working out amazingly well.

Did uber-lab lvl 70 once i was able to equip +3 minion helm. 2 lvl 82 delve bosses, while being lvl 75 myself.

Bit slow mapper. Highly recommend +2 projectile crawler enchant. Improves clearspeed a lot.

Build is much superior to claw/cyclone version since one can choose distance between enemy and yourself and is able to use convocation (8s cooldown wtf). BiS probably will be cooldown reduction boots.

Build benefits hugely from minion speed. BiS would be essence of fear crafted amulet and rare rings with +20 LGoH, life, resists (hf crafting). Abyss jewels with life and minion movement /attack /cast speed and minion attack speed if your minions have killed recently.

Will test later today 5l Coming calamity with GMP and minion speed support and flesh offering in cwdt for clearing trash on maps.

Only problem seems to be that offering and desecrate doesn't proc at same time in same cwdt setup and there is nowhere to get more links.

Thank you Orion72 for build.
Minor update to endgame min-max.

Best enchant on boots would be
Regenerate 2% life and mana if you were hit recently
10% increased movement speed, if you haven't been hit recently

Best enchant on gloves - trigger Commandment of light when you take critical strike, gives 2% regen

Maybe a flask like this for 9% total regen.
enjoying the build, get elder helm is going to be tuff i see. is it craftedable by alts or only fossils?
Holy moly that helmet Nebel, how much did that one cost? :O
Found it via live search for 15ex. Was just looking for +3 minion damage pseudo 6L. I consider it a good deal.
Re proccing offering skills:

My understanding is the spells linked to a CWDT proc in clockwise order from the CWDT. Make sure that your desecrate comes before your offering skill and it will all proc together. (Updated FAQ with this one)

And omg that helm! Never see one like that in hc, but I guess sc has access to all kinds of stuff. 15 ex sounds cheap!

Re Crafting a helm: It is theoretically craftable by alts or chaos spam . . . but you will go through an awful lot of alts/chaos. Even with fossils it isn't a trivially easy craft, but doable.

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Hall of GMs completion:

Tech developed in standard to complete Hall of GMs, guide edited. Can now say honestly that this build can do all the content in the game. May try to make a video of this later.

To complete HOGM:

1. When you open the later GM windows, blink arrow back and start shooting to take them down one at a time.

2. For the few GMs that have too much regen to be killed by the crawler, have a weapon swap for
and a shield that replaces the resists on your quiver. Kill all the other GMs in the area first. The high regen one will burn down just fine with Balefire. (even Demi's lvl 100 Spider Queen).

3. Be careful of the GMs using scorching ray and make sure your dousing flask is up. They will burn you down fast through all of your life gain.

Have fun!

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Deathless Hall of GMs run, as promised. Added to main video section.

Hmm I cant get the video to work Orion, some settings or something thats wrong?

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