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Templar Builds List 3.11

"Hot Ice" Inquisitor Winter Orber with 4 million+ Shaper DPS.
Crit Shockwave Totem 650k +: #1657327 / Crit VMS (1 mil DPS): #1511368 / Crit self-cast spark: #1565708
1.3 crit firestorm: #1280086 / 1.3 crit Ice Nova: #1219809 / Flame Nova (sire of shards incinerate): #1359847
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Armageddon Brand non-crit MoM Hierophant with Kaom's and Staff. 10k life, over a million Shaper dps.

[Hie][LS][3.5] "Discharge From Insertion" Discharge Totems Hierophant
Build Guides:
[3.5] DischargeFromInsertion - Heirophant Discharge Totem (800k Shaper DPS) :
In my opinion the Mana Guard should have its place among the Templar builds.

Hey man, i would like to see my newest build in here:

[3.5] The Masochist | Herald of Purity Summoner | A nice Boss Killer and decent Mapper | Videos

its a pure Herald of Purity Summoner written down to easy understand as all my build guides. I killed Uber Labyrinth and Shaper with ez so far, so as a Boss killer it performs really good. As a mapper its "ok", because of the stupid Minion AI it can come to unexpected stupidity. I suggest you take a look at it and when you like what you see i would like to see this build in here :)

ps: i will update this build to 3.6 ofc as soon as we have all details of the new tree etc
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Updated my Storm Brand to the most recent known changes.
Tried to make a really beginner friendly guide for players that come in 3.6

Purifying Flame Crit Inquisitor
[3.6] Demi's ONE MILLION+ DPS SAFESTLEMON Low Life Righteous Fire/Scorching Ray Guardian:

updated to 3,6
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ES leech CI Inquisitor crit build, with Purifying Flame + Wave of Conviction Base. Most likely HoA and Zealotry as aura's, flame dash and phase run as mobility skills.
Will make a build and link it when I can actually start simming upcoming days and tried things out ingame
Inquisitor build with 4+ million DPS on shaper with semi-decent gear. can go up to 8+ million with optimal gear.

Can I get some thoughts on the build
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