[Xbox One] The Core Supporter Packs Launch This Thursday!

We're happy to announce that the Core Supporter Packs will be released for our Xbox One players this Thursday (US time)! They will replace the current War for the Atlas Supporter Packs and will exist alongside the Betrayal packs (and future league packs).

The 3.5.1b update is also scheduled for Thursday US time. The patch includes all the improvements mentioned in this news post as well as several Xbox-specific changes.

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
graass wrote:

you say the xbox one core supporter packs will be released thursday US time.

i live in holland,

which means i have to do +12 hours to get new zealand time and then -19 to get the GMT -6 US time.

the mtx shop always resets at 04:00 AM for people in holland.
so 04:00 PM for people in new zealand and 09:00 PM(1day back) for the US GMT -6 time.

can we xbox players get some clarification on that ?

What US time specifically will the xbox one core supporter packs be released?

Hi Graass,

They'll be released tomorrow morning NZ local, around 11:00am.
Kundarin wrote:
I´m a bit curious to get to know if we Xbox Players will be able to buy the one Supporter Pack we wish to have that includes physical items, and if that is gonna be available on Xbox too.
We're unable to include physical items in the supporter packs on consoles. I'm unsure if the support department has an alternative means for selling individual items, I'd recommend sending an e-mail to Support@grindinggear.com and inquire with them.

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