[3.11] Marauder Build List

Hi :D
I made new build Death Angel, revolving around 2 Oni-Goroshi swords. It uses Blade Flurry for single target and Frost Blades for clear. Berserker ascendacy. It's pretty OP.
Made the guide and nice video showcase.

3.11💀 Death Angel /view-thread/2784358 *3.10 🔨Icebreaker /view-thread/2686278
3.11 Ultimate Poison Pathfinder /view-thread/2639074
3.11 Oni-Goroshi Slayer Cyclone /view-thread/2554593
3.10 Elementalist Incinerate /view-thread/2318921
3.10 Chieftain Incinerate /view-thread/2506867
Any RF builds, thats easy for a beginner to go through and are easy to understand? :)

Just finished up a totem-based Cheiftain Torchoak build, thanks for keeping up the list
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whats point when this build list got troll builds
Blade blast + Blade Vortex (Chieftain)

Consercated path JUGG

Ice Crash B [3.11] ICE CRASH WarZerker Starter Build. | [Debeon’s Dirge] [Warcries]

Hello. Please add this to the build list: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2905854/page/1#p23382980

It's Tectonic Slam (+Earthshatter) Chieftain, Two-Handed, slow attacking, multiple Warcry, Mace, Huge AoE, Fist of War, Resolute Technique, with video and doing good with end-game content.
If possible i would like to see my build in this list aswell.

Melee - Doryani's Prototype + wild strike berserker
Ice Crash Axe Crit Juggernaut. 12mil+ shaper DPS.

This build list is outdated and has a bunch of pointless builds currently. Please consider updating when you have time.

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