Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hi there,

I would like to join as well. Have been playing since beta on and off.

hello, I would like to join if possible. I've switched from PlayStation to PC so fairly new to the PC aspect of things.

Im still new to the game but im currently looking to gain more knowledge for the game as much as possible. Im looking for a guild who is active an if so can you send me a message so i may join. Thanks

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Hello! I'd like to join! Have 800 hours in the game and am willing ot help new players!
Hello. Experienced player here looking for friends to play with! Please invite!
Thank you!

IGN: CIPjaeil
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Heyy discord?
I'm interested. IGN RedStarboy
Invite please.
How's it going! This sounds like a great guild and I would love to join if there is room! I'm pretty active with 30-40 hours of play time a week and love to help out people!

in game character name: Instructure
Profile name: dingowood45
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still looking for ppl? Im looking for a guild

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