Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Love POE and wouldnt mind a relaxed guild such as this...just started playing in the last few days and quite enjoying it...sick of getting shyte responses to questions in the global chat so i think this place sounds good...
Hello i am new to path of exile, am a mature player looking for an active guild i am us east would like more info and possibly an invite please.

Discord: JK (GruntXIII)#4271

Am a level 73 - cyclone build here looking for a guild.

Character name FreedomX.

looking for laid back guild, am complete noob newby though, invite if you can :)

I'm intrested in joining your guild.
I'm a relatively new player mostly active in the evening (Europe).
Almost daily player.

I'd like an invite to the guild!

-Returning player that mostly plays HC temp leagues but is looking into SC. Is the guild a predominantly hc or sc guild?
Hey! kinda of a new player. at high tier maps just need friends and guildies to help push me in the right end game direction!
Hi i am not really new to the game, but new to understanding the endgame :) Played on and off a few leagues and returned now in Harvest.
First league that im actually getting to lategame. killed atziri,sirus and catarina so far and am planning on bossing this league.

i also started to look into crafting this league, as did prolly a lot of people, due to harvest mechanics making it way more viable even for smaller budgets :)

I am looking for a nice community with people to talk to and maybe even trust :D had quite some bad experiences with scammers in the past.

Would love an invite or a contact :)

PS: I like to hang out in discord.
hi im looking for a active guild im playing very often :)

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