Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)


Looking to join if still recruiting!!


i would like to join
returning after 7yrs. looking to join, IGN: xXOmegaDirectiveXx
Is this guild still active?

I've been playing a few years now in a mix of Standard + League SC, and am looking for a guild to help me elevate my game.

If you guys are still active then I would like to join. Thanks!
I am very interested in joining. I am just looking for a place to chill with like minded folks. If you have a spot open I'd love a invite.
Hey! I've been playing for a while and i decided to look for a Guild!

Hope you'll accept me!

Are you guys still active? Just returned to PoE and getting tired of playing solo. I am a filthy casual, but I try to play every day or two. Please shoot me a message if you guys are around.

In Game Name: RubyRapier

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My IGN is: iI_RanGeR_Ii
Invite me Please.
I have not completed any challenges yet this league as I got a late start, but plan on completing as many as possible

If you are still recruiting, I'd like to join up. My current guild is pretty much inactive so I'm looking to move to one that has more going on.

IGN is: Valorie_one

Thanks for your consideration.

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