Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hey :)

Interested in joining EU based, newbie, lvl 48 atm.
Please invite
Hey :)

Interested in joining !

Newbie lvl 49 Witch atm.

EU time.

Crispi62 - TTheWhiteWitch
Looking for a starter guild as I am new to the game!

Lvl 51 Berzerker ATM

IGN: rabidxtreme
Sounds fun, ill take an invite!
hey im interested if your still recruiting im in the Eastern time zone as well
Started with legacy on a crap pc, dropped out after harbinger but I've been back with a new pc since betrayal. Just looking for a new guild as the one I'm currently in has 2-4 other active players that just go do their own thing. In my 30's with a m-f 8-5 job so only play a few hours during the week but play a ton on the weekends.

Edit: Central US time ign: hexeddrizzzt /current character name: drizztslayertwo
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I would like to join the guild!

IGN: ZeusFist

Hey i'm looking to join if that's alright. IGN Thororith
Hi, I would like to join as well.
IGN soulsinsoul

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