Guild Recruitment: Looking for a chill, mature group?? (New players welcome and Guild Discord.)

Hi I'd like to join your guild. I'm looking for a chill place to sometimes play with other people or give a pice of an advice.

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Hey there,

I'd like an invite when you're around please and thanks. Fairly new to the game, and love chatting with others on discord while we play.
hey i d like to join your guild
Started this year when it came out for ps4. Just looking for a guild and discord to join. Psn:Takoda12345
Hello, interested in joining guild.

I've been playing since Legacy league and gradually all the people i've played with have fallen away and ive found myself mostly playing solo for the last two leagues.

I live in New Zealand but have failed to even get a reply from any NZ or Australian guild in about six weeks of looking. NA servers are playable and ive become quite accustomed to playing with a little lag and the time zone is so far apart it is actually relatively close.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

hi im interested in joining :) playing since around legacy.
Would love to join a poe guild> new to it all.

Hi, I would like to join
İgm tomaank
Hi I'm interested in joining.
I would love to join. Can you please send me a Discord invite Cowlkun#4864.

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