Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

So, we have:
* less Betreyal encounters
* Nefed Veiled mods

Not cool :/
With scarabs becoming more rare you should not have nerfed them. Additionally the crafting stuff should not become a shaper or elder mod. The appealing factor in this crafting system was to add a certain mod to a already existing item. By removing this craft you would not be able to craft it on the new synthesized items. I would have gone a different route. In my oppinion every crafting mod should only occure once until you have unveiled every mod. (If you are missing only a prefix mod and your item has only a veiled suffix you obviously get a suffix that you already have)

These veiled mod changes are necceccary because i for example only have 3 of the rare modifiers. I have 37 challenges and still i am missing all charges and the totem cract.
Fed up with every league going core, the game has become a giant clusterfuck of unrelated content that takes ages to complete. Betrayal is the final nail in the coffin, bye.
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I will refrain from judgement untill I try it. I hated Bestiary, but the way they implemented it permanently was fine.

I hated Betrayal, and am looking even less forward to that being implemented, but maybe it will be better than the league. I dont think it will, but I hope so.

If I could choose, I would probably say no betrayal.
Upgraded Breachstones were an attractive reward and concept, but we did balance the benefits too far ahead of other rewards. The experience gain reward was very attractive, and became a dominant motivator in the league. Tul, Esh and Xoph upgraded Breachstones have had their increased experience gain modifier reduced to 100% for all tiers (down from progressive rewards that went up to 250%). Uul-Netol upgraded Breachstones have been reduced to 150% (previous maximum was 300%), Chayula to 200% (previous maximum was 350%).

Pack size modifiers for upgraded Breachstones have also been reduced. All Pure Breachstones have had their area level lowered by one. Charged and Enriched Chayula Breachstones have also had their area level lowered by one.

These nerfs only affect experience gain. Boss item rewards from these Breachstones have not been affected.

This, ladies and gentlemen is a TYPICAL GGG FAIL.

Instead of nerving it to a point where it could be still uses for Rotas,
GGG went APESHIT to completely BUTCHER them.
What do you guys smoke? Seriously nerfing XP 150% okay... hard nerf.

Seriously, with the xp nerf alone there would be BARELY any rotation for them. BUt you always take the fucking hammer and slam something into the graveyard!

YOU can remove them already and add a new use for It That Fled.

For fucks sake, slowly I think you turn to Blizzard entertainment.
Their patchphilosophy was as dumb and brainless as yours turns out since quite some patches.

Time to pass out, on an Upgrade to the last Core Supporterpack and also the 2 new ones.

I am so disappointed, you do it over and over again. Like learning resistant children...

Overall the goal is to make the cycle of Syndicate encounters, Safehouses and Mastermind appealing to players, and the correct way to play. By flattening aberrant rewards, and making the cycle more efficient, we want to make the most fun, varied, and complete experience also the most rewarding and one players are happy to repeat. We do not expect that reality will match our exact vision on just the first iteration, but we are committed to ongoing changes to match the goal we want.

So you overnerf every decent Betrayal mechanic while you did not even consider to buff the trashtier rewards?
Let me guess, you took 5 minutes of brainstorming for the Betrayal to core implementation + the ideas of the reddit community.
Thats disappointing².

We have reduced number of ranks on many Veiled crafting modifiers, and most modifiers require more unveiling to gain higher tiers. Some high-value modifiers, like Additional Totems and Non-Chaos Added as Chaos are becoming Elder or Shaper mods. (Edit: Clarification - the removed ranks of veiled mods are the initial lower powered ranks, to account for the later introduction of Jun.)

Wow, even a more bloated affix pool while not reducing the completely SHITTIER mods. Are you guys even playing yourself? Oldschoolcrafting costs more and more currency with every league passing. on ilvl 86 5 phys reflect damage mods or 2 life gained per seconds. When will you finally clean up the bloated messy Affix pool? Oh wait, you do not clean up the Labyrinth enchant pool, so what do I even expect.
Crafting was decent this league but becomes nerfed again. Really...?

I have the feeling your "indie-Company" image is gone forever, now its all about big business. + almost 3 month till a Support ticket is solved, is the Cherry on top of it...
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So the veiled mod “Non-chaos as chaos” is becoming a shaper/elder mod, does that mean any item we have that on is “legacy”?

Sounds like you have to meet the betrayel encounter in a shaper / elder influenced map...and only then you have a chance of getting that modifier added to your crafting bench.
So overall its way harder to get now, since it has to be an influenced map.
At least thats how i read it..i might be wrong.

EDIT i missread the text..they have been turned into shaper elder with a shield thats shaper/elder based item lvl 75+ can roll +1 totem..not sure thats how it works?
Is the craft still unlucked the same nuking aisling in research..does he/she have ot be rank 3 or many unanswered questions...fuck im trying to "like" betrayel...but it is so god damn hard to do...!

So if anybody can answer my questions..plz quote my text or PM ME :D
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RIP Delve

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This will probably lost in all other posts or have been asked already but I'm gonna try anyway.

A number of changes are being made to the Mastermind encounter, predominantly making the fight easier. Completing the fight no longer resets your entire Syndicate, but reshuffles the organisation and removes one rank from each member.

In Betrayal filling the Mastermind progress bar took a bit too long imo. When it goes core it will be even worse with less encounters. Dunno if it's true for other ppl but I used to play a single character only long enough to do the Mastermind once. If someone does a lot of delve, lab or other content that can't spawn masters it is even worse.

I'm not sure if the time needed to get to the Mastermind should be shorter. Maybe you should consider making the progress shared between character.

What is your opinion on that?
Noobdy wants Betrayal to go core. Now we can't even lock them in research and ignore. The rewards were already garbage tier unless you specifically target farm. I am dissapointed.
I enjoyed this league quite a bit.

Were there things I think that could use a little bit of adjusting though? Sure

The overall from betrayal was really good though
. I see people complaining about a few main things here.




Veiled mods

1)Difficulty: If you think that the league mechanic was too difficult, and your character couldn't do it or was repeatedly getting one-shot: I'd say thats a good indicator that you need to make a better character or improvements to the current one. I made 3 characters this league and only one would be considered "meta" (poets pen, golems, flicker) and none of them had any trouble with syndicate in 15s even. That said, I will say that my experience doesn't make it the general consensus but just as a rule of thumb with video games as a whole:

If the content is too hard, get better. Don't complain about it or want it nerfed. This mentality is a disease that has been plaguing video game design for a while now and it's sad tbh. Difficulty promotes longevity and long term satisfaction/sense of accomplishment, but I will agree that it has to be within reason because if not, the snowflakes complaining will just leave and that ends up losing developers money.

If you aren't a fan of the current league but love the game as a whole like we all do, just be patient and wait for the next one. GGG puts out content at a ridiculous pace, maybe you'll enjoy the next one more. It's literally impossible to please everyone at once.

You see all these posts filled with negativity, but people are more likely to be vocal when they don't like things. Don't overlook the fact though that the people complaining are the vast minority. People are much more vocal when they are unhappy about something than when they are happy with it. Ever work a customer service job? How often do people call to complain about things? 90% of the time, but that is by no means the majority of the customer base. No one ever calls in to customer service to be like "hey I just wanted to tell you guys that you are doing a great job"

Just because a majority of the posts here are bitching about betrayal, don't be deluded into thinking that a vast majority of the player base didn't have a blast playing this league.

2)Delve: I see the points given and agree with some of them, for instance the 3 nodes per map for Niko argument. However. 2 main things need to be remembered here.

Delve is an old league. It is not the current league mechanic nor will it be the next one. If you're sad that you can't just easily run delve full time, get over it. They didn't spend all the time and resources to make all this new content repeatedly for people to just run old content and bitch about not being able to completely avoid the newer relevant league content.

That said though, they do want to make it a "part" of the overall game experience and you have to take into consideration one major thing when complaining about this scarab/sulphite nerf.

The new league mechanic will include scarabs and sulphite in with it.

You can see in the screenshots they have posted already that there are scarabs above some of the memories as well as masters.

Before you all lose your shit, wait and see what actually happens in regards with the new league and drop rates first.

3)Rewards: I'm completely with everyone on this one though, the rewards for the mastermind were totally not worth even doing in relation to how it screws your board up in addition to how long it takes to unlock. With betrayal going core but the reduced spawns of the encounters, there is literally going to be no reason to ever do it. The "shuffle" of the board is just as bad as a full reset.

4)Veiled mods: I'd agree that the actual mechanical process of unveiling everything got a little tedious after a while. I do think that there is room for improvement on ways to streamline that process (think how they added the book to ID uniques in D3 instead of manually one by one).

The new crafting mechanics look amazing tbh though and it did make me think of one thing as a footnote.

All of these ridiculous new implicits, the fact that lab enchants don't override implicits anymore, and the overall reworking of a ton of skills along with the new additions leads me to this final thought.

The power creep is real with this coming expansion
, and to everyone crying about syndicate, it may not end up even being an issue. You should wait and see what they end up giving you before you start rioting about shit.

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