Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

I think the RNG factor in unveiling items as a way of gaining crafting modifiers is really disappointing and not very fun. It is in fact very frustrating.

I really disliked the daily quests and leveling of masters after some time especially having to do it each league but at least in that case you had a set amount of time that it would take to acquire the crafting modifier you wanted.

The amount of RNG in this is really bad. I've been watching Quin69 play solo self found for 40 days and a large portion of that time was spent just on syndicate farming and yet he still didn't have hits can't be evaded. I got one character to 92 and another to 93 this league and have yet to get several of the crafting modifiers. This was not the case in the previous master daily quests.

I really hope this is taken into consideration when being moved to core game mechanic. Put more behind content walls such as the Pale council and such since these are ones you can look forward to obtaining. Anything that would avoid the RNG factor is best for crafting modifiers.

How are you supposed to actually delve then, if you can't get sulphite from scarabs in mass quantities?
Other than that, i hope you heavily modified the oneshot mechanics of bsyndicate.
Well this was unexpected. Breach stone nerf sure but nerfing scarabs seems like your just taking the fun out of the game and making it harder for casual players while your at it. Nerfing sulphite scarabs is silly no other way to describe it. Sulphite is nearly impossible to get reliably if you are running an atlas strategy and cant do the dailies. Delve is why some play this game. The div scarab nerf is what brought me back to the game scarabs in general. Juiced maps are fun and cards make items accessible to the masses. This just means less fun items in circulation. What HH is to cheap at 50ex? Div scarabs are not busted by any means and now they will be more expensive and less effective. For example I farm towers (a lot of towers). Most maps I maybe make my div scarab back maybe. I need to spend almost an ex and have leechers to get reliable nurse drops and wretched drops. when one nurse does drop I sell it for 100c now and make a bit of profit but what they do is allow me to sustain my fun maps with 5 breaches and max density. It's really fun to run a fully juiced maps but they can not be sustained with the polished version I have tried. Even if I do sustain it feels pretty bad to have set up elder ping pong, prophecies, rolled red sextants and maps have friends for quant bonus for no reason. So all your changes do is take out fun from the game make items more expensive make the only viable delve strategy to farm horizontally. Yes syndicate could use balance but pissing on the thing everyone has been saying I hope they dont change because its fun and that they wish there was more in the game is kind of a blizzard move. Just saying, still play their games but they piss on the fun so much now its a chore and this is how they got there.
I personally did not enjoy this league much. Neither did my husband. The syndicate is annoying as it is forced upon you and it just feels like you can not concentrate on the things you actually enjoy. It is getting worse and worse. I think i might be done with this :(.
As far as delve scarabs, these were the only way I could enjoy delving and I still didn't get very far down. Considering the content I was doing in delve was considerably lower than the content I was doing in maps, I didn't do very much delving.

Why spend so much time trying to delve deeper when I couldn't even get to very high ilevel, my time was spent better in maps. Most of my delving was spent in darkness farming at low level and this will be much more the case next league with the nerf to the scarabs as I will get way less sulphite.

I also assume sulphite will be even less with the zones containing sulphite being diluted out by betrayal occupying the zone now as well. I really wish I could just delve as an endgame mechanic the way we do with maps. This constant pressure to map in order to delve is so strange and you are always playing catch up in the delve compared to maps and this just makes this area feel less rewarding. Nothing feels so bad as being at shaper yet i've barely made it to depth 100 in delve due to sulphite limitations.
GGG why you delete that cartoon post? It was funny as hell.
That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.
Should I do my pure breachstone before the league ends ?
Or those will be safe from this nerf ?
why delve becoming more and more inaccessable?
thats just sad.
Hang on there!

Does that mean we have to unlock the damn crafting recepies EVERY time now????

was that intended the whole time? Do you want me to play standard forever from now on?
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Aside from my other comments, I really like a lot of the other changes in this post.

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