Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

Please don't add Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic. It's the worse feature ever seen.
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Listen the community.
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IMO this core suck... cu next year with the hope of having something more interesting
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Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
My biggest issue is that the Syndicate encounters seem to be over-tuned for the content they show up in. And as you reach higher levels, the degree of over-tuning seems to get worse.
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Please give us the ability to turn off unwanted leagues and boost the chance of the appearance of the remaining choosen leagues.
666lol666 wrote:
The reason why I call the league mechanic is shit is just because 1.) The best way to farm the savehouses is to stop playing the game at act 6 and farm twilight strand over and over again.

i really really hope they fix that next league.

666lol666 wrote:
There is no reason (lack of reward) to kill the Betrayal boss.

i find it astonishing how much confusion ggg can cause with such a little tweak.

it's a choice: either kill the boss for the 40/40 challenges or just don't and profit from safehouses.

i find it much more difficult to unlearn that rare items are not there for picking them up.

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Swiegetank wrote:
Qarl wrote:
while Sulphite Scarabs are 60-70% less effective depending on tier.

So the rich will still buy and spam scarabs while the rest of us are able to deleve even less? This is a wonderful idea, not.

"The rich, the rich!" Wtf man, everyone starts the same and nobody has an advantage over you or anyone else. Just do your research and be smart about how you make currency in the game. Also, scarabs seems that will just be a way to force Niko into a map now. If you want to delve just do its atlas missions, use your own scarabs or, guess what, you can also buy scarabs and make tons of money delving! Who would have thought?
I like Betrayal and I like to see it in Core.
The only thing that annoyed me was the reset of the syndicate after the Mastermind (shuffle doesn't really make it better). -1 all ranks is enough of a punishment I think.
And I didn't like how hard it is to get certain enchants. Like 6link. Also I think some belt enchants are hard to get. I know that I still have some enchants that are not fully leveled while I 99,9% of the time find enchants that are max level. A system where "overleveling" an enchant gives you a quarter of the experience to a random unknown enchant would be nice. Not accounting for the flask enchants from Mastermind. those are fine the way they are because there is also Orbs and Bestiary.

I'd also have loved it to have a lot more scarabs with very low reward. Like a 10% chance for map to contain 3 extra strongboxes, or 10% increased div cards, 10% chance to contain a harbinger. Something you can use like an Atziri fragment with your maps to adjust the game a little more to personal flavor. Like a Zana mod but as a low cost scarab. Or maybe Zana could just get a low tier version of those scarab rewards. Like a lower tier version of her map device thingies at the cost of a few Alchemy Orbs.

Anyways - expected Betrayal to go core and love the confirmation
Obviously syndicate members are to hard for me. Maybe half of my deaths are because of them.
And rewards... having 8 or even 20 second to craft or choose an item when you are a noob like me, is just frustrating. So is the fact that they dont always drop a veiled item. Or that I just have to flee or die,

Now, some veiled mod ARE cool, and I dont mind some challenge, so ...

core mechanic... ? let it be.
But please do some rebalancing, so that syndicate member do not vastly outboss the zone boss, as they currently do.

Almost forgot. The most important thing for me to improve is party-play.

* Fix the "other players delve view" to show the actual mine instead of this broken something currently showing when in someones elses mine.
* Fix the teleport mechanisms when a player dies during delve to allow him to teleport back to the minecart/player once the delve is over (the cart reached it's destination)
* Allow to split captured beasts (e.g. capture 1/3 of a beast when in a party of 3)

I also wished that there was no randomization/shuffle after completing the Mastermind. It would be way easier to understand/work towards a specific betrayal boards without that and I'd prefer that rewards and levels to be tuned down, s.t. you have more control about how you want your board to look like.

Also I wished the information on who does what (even in it's fluff-text form) would be available from in the game. I hate having to remember it as well as to go to the wiki. Just tell me right there "he will go to research to research more scarabs".
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