Betrayal as a Core Game Mechanic

So, is there a way to completely disable the Syndicate encounters?

Developers need to realize that people who *don't* play the leagues might not want the new content forced on them. Especially if the new content is drastically more dangerous than the respective Map Bosses.

No, I haven't died but then I've been playing my Incinerate Chieftain with 9K+ Life and 2K+ Life Regeneration. He took down the Tier 8 Map Boss in seconds; It took a couple of minutes for both Syndicate encounters in the same Map and I actually had to drink a couple of potions.
Why is this crap still in the game?

1% bothered with the boring unrewarding end content.. They never gave us an honest reply how many of us kept Jun locked in the basement where she belonged.. Thousands of times from me alone.

Now we get 30 seconds of lag and automatic cheap loss of exp, brilliant game design guys.
delete this crap or fix your game
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Yea, Betreyal encounters are still bugged, it freezes all the time, I'm mushing buttons and flasks and hope I will survive. It is ridiculous to include a mechanic which no one wants. There is a pretty easy solution for it: POLLS. Just make them on forum/ in game/ wherever we can vote. And the problem is solved, if people like some mechanics, they will vote for it. If not, not. Easy as hell and trustworthy.
I am so relieved to hear I am not alone!

I have just done a post on the technical forum about the Syndicate, I am still a new player, I like that I can just have fun I do not have to do it by a cookie cutter. Well, Syndicate messes everything up, it was not fun the first time now it is way worse and has made the game unplayable. No one said when I started this game you HAVE to have an SSD, I am sick of hearing it I realise that online games are in a constant upgrade flux and I upgrade my tech as often as I can. Besides I was doing fine and enjoying the game until Syndicate, which made it not so fun, but it is so bad now I feel cheated.
I have played POE since Piety was the final boss. I've now stopped playing.
I played league when it was a league that interested me - otherwise I played standard and revisited old and much loved characters.


I revisited a couple of chars, then stopped playing.

Now i only look into the forums occasionally to see if GGG changed their mind.

Been an Exile since open beta (couldn't get a ticket to closed). Time to move on.
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I can't support you anymore with Betrayal in the game as it is now. I've had many carefully crafted maps ruined by the Betrayal characters spawning in and
proceeding to destroy me, and/or chase me all over the entire map, effectively ruining it.

It is unfortunate, because I really enjoy every other aspect of POE. But, forcing the current incarnation of Betrayal on us, especially in maps, which requires a lot of care and expense to make worthwhile at higher levels, is catastrophic. Why you did this and ALSO gave them unlimited agro range is unfathomable, do you play your own game? Asking for a friend...
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Its just like the Devs gone Crazy...

All the really enjoyable League Mechanics have been added to Core ONLY VIA ZANA Mod or as rare encounter. For example Perandus, Harbinger, Beach, Abyss.
Only Exception is Delve which is awesome.

Its almost like they rethought things... Imagine they thought the same way about Beyond back then... ppl would have quit the game pretty instantly if it was an unavoidable thing like betrayal now is.

Betrayal was a huge success - sure it was - Blizzard messed up and a lot of D3 Players finally got convinced to try out PoE - but GGG is messing up aswell now.

If they made Betrayal an Encounter Via Map Device and Only on the Atlas Dailys it would be fine - but Randomly Spawning betrayal encounters just ruin the game.

The Strengh PoE had was that you could play how you wanted - you where free TO NOT DO certain things you didnt want to do or which didnt fit your build - youre free to not do bosses, youre free to not open breaches, youre free to not do beyond, youre free to not do abysses - but now - WE ALL ARE FORCED TO DEAL WITH THAT GOD DAMN BETRAYAL ONESHOTS, NO MATTER WHAT - there is no option to disable them or play arround them - and thats really really bad game design

In My opinion they added the Wrong Masters to the Core game, except Niko, (Alva is fine too) as they added 2 really Invasive League Mechanics to Core (Bestiary and Betrayal)... they could easily make for Example "It that Fled" a master for Breach or something alike + a harbinger master most people would enjoy that much more.

The thing is - i dont like the current league mechanic much either - but there is 1 difference which makes it much more enjoyable than Betrayal: Its totally Optional - you dont have to go into memorys, if you do you dont have to go further into the nexus - if you do go to the nexus, you dont have to do the Boss Encounters - whichs is pretty nice - the problems of it lie somewhere else - and thats the Thing - All other things expept of Bestiary is pretty much optional, alva is, nico is, Zana (Elder Shaper) is... why dont make it optional as the master missions where back then....
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Betrayal syndicate super buggy... i always get 1-2 encounters in daily and never 3 as it should be

Also syndicate dmg super crazy! They can wipe 86 level spectres so easy and 1 shot my build
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