[3.7] - Scion Builds list

Could you add my build to your list?

[3.7] Slayer / Berserk | Double Strike Scion | Reflect immune



Welcome to the Scion builds list, here you will find a somewhat organized list of community guides for the Ascendant class

The intent of this list is more for newer player to "shop" builds they migth whant to use, so they need to have some guidance on how to build them. Older playwer will serch for what they whant and find those builds on the forums on their own.

Espetado wrote:

From the POE wiki

“The daughter of corrupt nobles, the Scion was exiled to Wraeclast for killing her husband on their wedding night. She is aligned with all three core attributes - strength, dexterity and intelligence, which place her in the center of the passive skill tree. This unique position allows her to develop into almost any type of character build, while lacking the dedicated specialization that the other six classes offer.”

Welcome to the Scion builds list, here you will find a somewhat organized list of community guides for the Ascendant class

Other build lists
Duelist by StormHavoc
Marauder by StormHavoc
Ranger by Amongalen
Shadow by haamoo
Templar by Lilyliciously
Witch by haamoo

The list will be organized in seven groups;

Melee – builds that use melee skills
Ranged - builds that use bow and wand skills
Hand cast – Builds that Self cast spells
Totems – Builds that use totems as their main skill
Traps – Builds that use traps as their main skill
Support - Builds that for the most use auras and curses
Other – builds that don’t really fit in the previous archetypes

Each group will have two classifications
SSF - Builds that work well in Solo Self Found (this requires build author input)
LS – Builds that work well as the first character on a league (this requires build author input)
HC - Builds that in theory can survive POE ruthless one life environment (this requires build author input)

Questions and comments abut the list

Mistakes and corrections
I am not a wonder child, juts a regular human, as such, there will be mistakes, you should assume all mistakes are mine and all the correct information come from someone else, if I place your guide in the wrong group or give it the wrong classification let me know and I will fix it, juts be civil and not a dick about it.

Why is not my guide in this list?
Only builds with a proper explanation and links to skill trees will be added, if you want your build in this list PM me whit the link to the guide, or post it on the comments

I sent you a link three hours ago, it´s still not on the list, how long it takes you to update the list?
I will do my best to keep this list updated, but keep in mind there are RL constrains so it might take me as long as week to add your build to the list.

Which one is the best build in this list?
There are no better builds in POE, there’s builds for bossing, there are builds for map clear, there are builds for deep delving, there are builds for solo play, there are builds for party play.
The best build in the one that does what you want of it, or the one you have more fun playing.

Replies to this post
I will check the replies for new builds to add to the list, and constructive criticism, trolls rude comments, complains… I will just ignore.

the list is being updated for 3.7, stuff will be added as the guides get updated

The List

[*3.7] For Scion - Ngamahu's Flame Cyclone / Consecrated Path / Tectonic Slam (End Game Viable)
[3.7] The Unarmed Queen [Facebreaker] | All Content with YOUR prefered UNARMED Skill Gem
[3.7] A.B. No More Vaal Pact - best life leech/regen // BF Scion (Sla/Rai)
[3.7] Vaal groundslam Adaptive build!
[3.7] Adaptive Clone/Flick zerking
[3.7] Liggles' Immune Stormwall - crit/block staff cyclone | All content | Budget options
[3.7] Oro's Infernus | 1.9M Shaper DPS | 8k HP
[3.7] Cyclone CoC Shock Nova - Up to 10m+ Shaper dps - Any content - HH not requiered
[3.7] Perforate 'Herald of Pain' - 6.2k HP, 600k+ DPS

[3.7] DoomHerald | All Content | Millions+ DPS MirageArcher | 7k+ Life | 600+ Delves | 5-Link only
[3.7] Elemental Hit Ascendant [Deathless Uber Elder Video]
[3.7] Elemental Hit Crit | 7-9k Life | 3-7m DPS | Overleech + CC Immune | All Content
[3.7] Spectral Throw AllDayEveryDay 2.0 | All Content Done | 4.9M+ Shaper DPS

Hand cast


[3.7] ICE SPEAR TOTEM | 15.75 million shaper DPS! | 8k eHP (HP\ES - 38% MOM) | Easy all content

[3.7] Tanky Aurabot - a combined Guide
[3.7] CI UltraBot (14 Auras + 2 curse + 30s fort + smite)
[3.7] CI Aura Bot (19Auras / Aspect / Smite / Party Fortify / Tanky)

[3.7] Yet another Poet's Pen Volatile Dead boss tank - 8-10k/s life leech rate - 600K shaper DPS
[3.7] CoC Volatile Dead Ascendant (Uber elder, shaper, Uber atziri viable)

Version history

2019-06-07 Added more 3.7 guides
2019-06-07 Added some 3.7 guides, they most likely will still be updated as we cant play yet whit the new gems or the updated ones on path of building
2019-06-05 Moved 3.6 guides to the archive wile we wait for the new 3.7 stuff
2019-05-06 Added a bunch of aurabot guides to the list
2019-03-29 Added a bunch of new guides to the list
2019-03-08 Got a stickye!! new guides added and a few links to league starter videos compilations
2019-03-07 started the process of updating the list to 3.6
2019-02-26 Added a couple of builds and fixed some broken links
added a links to older lists section
2019-02-25 First iteration of the list only contains guides from the previous list that were updated to 3.5

Hello, I'm really sorry if this isn't supposed to be posted here, but It's the first time I've written anything in here.
We currently are in 3.9 but I wanted to try this build as my second build of the league
and a friend told me about this item here https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Asenath%27s_Gentle_Touch
and I wondered if it was better than the Fenumus's Weave in the build. And if first of all, the DeathWalk of the Bubonic Trail doesn't cancel out the explosion of the "Asenath's Gentle Touch"?
I just wanted to make sure before pending several exalts on thoses Gloves.
So, this list seems to be dead, right?
Is there any up to date one?

[3.10] Max Block Storm Brand Ascendant: Budget Friendly, Ultra Tanky, Fast Mapper, Deathless A8 Sirus
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(3.10)Necromancer/Pathfinder Null's Inclination cast on kill.
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