[3.6] Winter Orb CWC Ice Spears. 8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder

Thanks for the build, I changed some things and I think I've almost perfected it now. Open to any feedback/suggestions on how to further improve it.

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Jaybum wrote:
What do you get from Wave of conviction? Fire and lightning exposure don't help us.

Our build deals no fire or lightning damage so you wont have any lightning or fire exposure. With herald of ice, we add damage to wave of conviction, cold damage specifically so you will always get cold exposure.

Wave of conviction itself deals fire and lightning damage. 25% of the physical damage it does is converted to each of those elements.

But you're right that HoI adds a lot more damage than WoC itself so it would apply cold exposure. Unfortunately exposure doesn't stack and I'm already using frost bomb. WoC is an interesting alternative though. Time to so dome testing.

Edit : While there's no indication of when exposure has been applied and frost bomb is hard to see compared to WoC, I believe WoC is better because it has more AoE (with inc. AoE and a few levels) and is directional. It's also quite fast and, in my case, actually does a bit of damage because I'm using a circle of fear. So I'll switch to that. Nice find.
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choice of pantheon anyone?
but how to improve damage
spajjons wrote:
but how to improve damage

Get aspect of the spider instead of aspect of the cat. Look for a new helmet with ice spear enchant but frigid craft it for "nearby enemies have -9% cold resistance" - bone helm is the best choice. Get better boots with more resists and life so you can balance resists more easily allowing you to swap resist mods on rings to damage mods. Once again, remove your elemental damage with attack skills craft on ring, it does nothing. Your current watchers eye is not needed for the life leech with vitality, you already have capped life leech through rings. Sell that one and buy a new one with strictly the -mana cost to skills while affected by clarity, or get one with both the clarity mod and also life recovery rate while affected by vitality. Your jewels are all over the place, you have random jewels with life and crit multi for melee/one handed weapons. Inspect my character and try to get similar jewels.
choice of pantheon anyone?

Soul of arakaali synergizes well with blood rage, as for the minor pantheon it's up to you.
soo i'm a no0b, and this looks really interesting, after taking a quick look at this build (no0b budget version) is there any major downside too running this but with items that increase lightening damage (I assume they exist) as opposed to ice, and something like lightening tendrils/storm burst and arc/ or?

the extra crit muli (something like 50%) from second form Ice spear I would think can be offset by the Elementalist +10% damage from targets you shock,(I think a cap of 50%)
Is it the 600% crit chance? the path of building thing seems to show a crit chance of 72% and effective 92% are these numbers before or after the 600% second form ice spear? if before, I would think the extra 600% after than could be useful but a little redundant for a 8% increase? Is there over criting?(like in warframe)
Even if the crit chance is a little lower you could drop some of the outer nodes that only increase crit multiplier and add lightening damage (you can drop the crit multiplier to 450% but get the 2 sets of lightening damage nodes at the top.
I know from other games that damage tends to be best with a balance of damage+crit chance+crit multiplyers and not just stacking the crit unless there's some other effects being activated off the crits?

the spells seem comparable though slightly weaker due to damage variance...but lightening is cooler than ice. hmmm perhaps i'm more confused than I thought.

I hope you have time help this confused beginner.
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Edit: Nvm I got it
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u have some equipment showcases broken:C
Which staff should I craft? eclipse or maelstrom?

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