[3.6] Winter Orb CWC Ice Spears. 8.6k hp ,slayer leech, 9.8-10.7 mil dps ,Depth 749, easy Uber Elder

nglengjai wrote:
that bow cost 72ex on trade...=[

kek only 72 ex?. The bow actually got mirrored once at a 30 ex fee but you can make do with a much worse bow and still achieve pretty good dps.
Here is the bow in question

I don't think anyone has beaten this bow yet this league

I do have a recording of a mino map clear with budget gear which I will post if I ever make the guide:

I used ..
1. A 5 ex bow ( 6L ilevel 50 bow from the porcupine div cards that I used an essence of woe on . I removed all other mods and did a non-crit to crit to get attack crit and multimodded with double dmg and extra chaos from cold) ,

2. no crit multi jewels ( removed 192 crit multi from my setup and replaced the jewel sockets with attack speed jewels)
3. no bottled faith(uncapped attack and spell crit)
4. Removed all cluster jewels except for 1 large and 1 curse cluster ( moved my passive points to spell crit clusters on the tree)
5. No watcher's eye

and it was still able to pull off good clear and dps after I got 30%+ more attack speed.

The current setup is unoptimized because I made a miscalculation with barrage coc optimization ( the attacks aren't in sync with the server ticks).

So you will definitely be able to get very similar dps with a much worse bow with proper optimization of barrage attack speed.

I will post more content and videos in the assassin sub forum if I ever start the new build guide. I am still collecting material and gauging interest in the build.

If I ever decide to try out an ascendant variant..it will be a max block variant with necro + assassin ( one of the crafted mods on the bow will be the trigger craft to trigger desecrate/bone offering). This will be a similar setup to my max block bleed bow ascendant I made last league

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thanks for the reply.
do you suggest to give it a try if i only got around 50ex?
love the game play but afraid make a way low dps and die all day lol

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