Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

I'm wondering how does CI work after this max res nerf. Will it remain immune to chaos or some sort of remake?
GGG cool you keep the Game really alive.
sad to see some of the super unique immunity builds finally get absolutely destroyed. :(
It will still make you immune to chaos damage
Well, Slayer is dead for good. It'll not even be saved by any "melee changes, you'll need a full ascendancy-rework to get it competitive again.

If you were nerfing ascendant-slayer, why not just...nerf ascendant-slayer? Whatever.

Fully welcome nerfs to BV, Arc and to a lesser extent WO - although i'll unwelcome them if the numbers are too severe. We all know you love to swap "nerf" with "utterly destroy" :D.

So ES spell leech is added in the game, but we can still barely get life spell leech outside of warlord's mark? Well that's a bummer.

We'll have to see on the uniques nerf - and on numbers in general. So, slumber until tomorrow i guess.
Non-Chaos as Extra Chaos Damage on Weapons
The interaction of the Non-Chaos Damage with Hits as Extra Chaos Damage stat and multiple damage conversions made this stat far more powerful for very specific setups than a single stat should be. We've lowered the value of this stat on the combined craftable "Spell Damage and Non-Chaos Damage with Hits as Extra Chaos Damage" modifier on weapons.

The Veiled mod that only grants this modifier has now been split into four versions, Fire, Cold, Lightning and Physical. These modifiers are now available as a mod on many caster weapons above level 60 at a higher value, making it a powerful effect to find when creating the perfect element-specific caster weapon.

Or you could just fix the double dipping. Back in 3.0 you made a big deal about removing double-dipping, then in war for the atlas you added this dumb interaction.

Don't nerf the numbers, fix the problem.
KaliSzop wrote:
Thanks for trashing Slayer, clearly too strong

It was too strong for the ascendant to be that tanky. now there'll be more build diversity. besides i bet next patch they will have a slayer rework of some sorts since that will be a melee update while this is a spell update
xardas149 wrote:

Jesus fucking christ get of your high horse it you are literally to stupid to read. NOWHERE it is written they kill of the base crit of all spells.

Sorry I hurt your feelings in the future if you're going to accuse someone of being too stupid to read something you should probably be smart enough to spell too correctly, I mean we all misspell stuff and its rare that I get picky about this sort of thing but its hard to take an insult seriously when you're chuckling about phrases like "to stupid to".

In any case If they meant to say that 5% base crit spells can be lowered to below 5% then they should have said that and not what they did say: that spells no longer have a 5% minimum crit chance but instead have 0%.

It may very well be that they meant to say 5% base spells can be lowered to below that, I hope thats what they meant to say. I even suspect its what they meant but...
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Bornforexile wrote:
Nibelton wrote:
The Gluttony of Elements skill now also provides Curse Immunity, to prevent interactions with Temporal Chains letting it last far too long. Technically, this is a buff.

lmao another delve race nerf,why do you even care about it ? it doesnt give shit but bragging rights.
Unique Nerfs
We've made some adjustments to a few unique items that were problematic. Details will be in the patch notes tomorrow.

if you nerf my end game build enabling unique i'm skipping this league,and i'm not joking. just watching few trailers i already know how this league will work/play,so killing builds that i wanted to try you practically killing my desire to play this league.
also,considering rewards suck balls they aren't even remotly factoring in to my desire to play and achieve anything.

Bye lol, i love these posts... IF YOU DO THIS IM LEAVING... they don't care XD and neither do we :)

then why you are commenting ? so much "for not caring" lmao
also,learn to read.
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1453R wrote:


See i don't think anyone's saying that.

But at this point in time, Slayer will need a rework, and not just a fix. It was already broken by switching his most valuable passives further down his tree, also when a couple overall-better options for melee builds were introduced. This is just a small nail in the coffin.

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