Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

Arc nerf, GC nerf.... ouch

Harsh RNG, fair trade is dead, botting everywhere, oneshot mechanic -=RIP=-
CI will still stay immune, as it doesn't say gives you 100% chaos res, its immunity. The slayer one is weird, but hitting ascendant, could have just changed it for that so that is kinda weird. Planning to do a Uber lab farmer to start then go into a arma brand character or some PP so doesn't change to much for me AFAIK. Will reserve final judgement for actual numbers for patch notes.
Not bad, Arc is Death :(
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Oh HI Spark! (again)

Thanks, Storm Brand.
I like it all, even the nerfs
nerf max res which is not even played in league but keep shit gluttony
makes sense
salty devs as always
Great job as always GGG! I love meta-changes, and more specifically the way you're changing up the game from time to time. Makes ol'timers like myself feel like the game remains fresh and exciting.

PS: Make sure you show slayer and berserker some love in 3.7, all right?

- I can't wait for the new league to arrive!
I am still trying to figure out why a skill that can only attach two brands to a boss is being nerfed? I mean sure every streamer/racer uses it to get to end game but then changes to main skill, how does the nerf effect those people? This only effects the people who main the skill which is very low. Also the argument of, "They nerfed it because you only have to put down two brands and then walk around and avoid damage" is silly. That is like 80% of builds. It doesn't effect me but i would like to hear some theories on why it needed nerfed when 2% of people use the skill.
Nooo not Blade Vortex ;_;

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