Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

and ofc +1 totems goes to shaper shields, not elder. who cares about melee warchief builds...
Well I was going to go with trusty old arc but....

I am thinking crit freezing pulse inquisitor for league start now..
BlaqWolf wrote:
You seriously nerfed Storm Brand? It was a good clear skill but not so good at bosses... Unless you are dipshit rich it was by far not able to be "too powerful"...

Storm brand had one function I really liked: In a 4l it could curse things *WELL* offscreen (SB, CoH, curse, chain) until its duration ran out.

Other than that I found it 'okay' but not spectacular. Most of it's overpower aspect came when there were 5 out there and someone used 'recall' on the boss...

Exactly. It was really FINE and one of the few things in the game that have been well balanced, unless you could go nuts with money, then it could be dumb but none of the super rich ones I know used it as they went all that meta crap. So really no reason, especially when killing that chaos stuff which made that extreme damage possible.

And recalling didn't do anything but stick 2 brands onto the boss. The extra brands didn't do any damage.
Thank you. i've been maining witch for so long, this gives opportunity to some builds to be viable :3 now... that requires some skills (not just throwing traps like retard) like some other classes.. <3

and ES leech.. let's see how it goes!
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Fuck Totems I guess, I didn't know they were so OP that they had to get nerfed 2 times in a row, but apparently totems are a problem while traps are fine? I mean yeah sure totems are sure scary with their ability to take damage and do nothing at all compared to traps/mines, really.
Goodbye slayer builds, you'll be joining with bezerkers in vaalhalla
Wow - Well, crazy I JUST played tectonic slam scion! I had so much fun I was going to play it again. Glad I got to play that build before the nerf.
Awesome, I won't be tempted to go physical->ele conversion with tons of non-chaos as extra chaos now.
Good stuff
Looking forward to this league ! This manifesto is better than the trading one <3
Hf :)

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