Balance in Path of Exile: Synthesis

Great manifesto. Thanks for all your hard work GGG. Big changes across the board are always scary and exciting. I'm excited to get +1 to Zombies back in the Standard crafting bench!

Thanks for everything!
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hq78 wrote:

ok what about chaos innoculation?

??? what's your point ?
nowhere said it goin' away,so it wont.
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And I planned on going brands as my starter. Meh!
Yaaaaaaay, leech got fucking shafted AGAIN...
"The Gluttony of Elements skill now also provides Curse Immunity, to prevent interactions with Temporal Chains letting it last far too long. Technically, this is a buff."

Don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise, I LOVE this manifesto and I LOVE the Cheeky comment!
Keep up the AMAZING work and keep balancing out the game! Change is always good.
*Cries in melee*
hq78 wrote:
Kitzunes wrote:
hq78 wrote:
Player Maximum Resistances now can never go above 90%. Any maximum resistance you have above this value will have no effect. This is especially important as Synthesis introduces other sources of Maximum Resistances.

so is it safe to assume chieftain is getting reworked because of the 100% fire resistance from "ramako, sun's light"???

Chieftain gets 100% uncapped fire resistance. That isnt "MAXIMUM FIRE RESISTANCE". Chieftain isnt Immune to fire. See it as a 100% Ruby Ring.

ok what about chaos innoculation?

CI says straight up "immunity", I guess it's different in terms of coding from resistances? Just speculating
Reeeally interesting changes. Im sad about Brands, BV and Winter Orb, i wanted to use them a bit more, but i guess that they might be a bit too much. From those, i feel that Winter Orb might be the weakest and less worthy of a nerf because honestly, bosses damage wasnt that good unless you properly invest on it.

Still, great news, love the ES changes, and the Cast changes sound pretty good, but i guess we gotta wait until full patch notes to start theorycrafting properly.

BTW, i get where the Slayer nerf comes from, but i still find it a bit unnecessary. Would have made more sense nerfing the Ascendant Slayer nodes but not the Slayer nodes itself.
stop whining about slayer being destroyed. If you need your leech effect to last longer than 5 well actually looks like 10 seconds after you are full life. Your build needs work.

It's mainly just to keep stupid high leech from running forever, aka making slayer trap immune lab runners.

It's about the only nerf aspect happening here. Can't hit a pack then leech for the entire lab area.

I'm glad to see ES get some natural leech options instead of having to rely on ghost reaver, then try and head down for vaal pact and over through dualiest to get enough leech to make it worth it, and while I would love to say it's not needed, if you are going to try and get us to self cast. Then casters going to need some survivability, with no potions to instantly restore our life pools. It will mean discipline watcher eyes aren't mandatory in a self caster's life. It also means casters don't have to wander all over the damn tree trying to get just enough life to not be one shot either. We can stay around our starting areas and build damage, ES etc. Swing to the left for more damage, the right if you want crit.

Was so tired of needing to push STR higher than int just to get enough life to survive, then relying on potions to recover. The second the potions drop is the instant the next hit finishes you. I shouldn't be a caster going well damn being a pathfinder is probably my best option....

Arc's buff is nice as well.

Faster cast, and it arc's in the same pack better. What people didn't know cause they always totem arcing so it didnt matter or impulsing, is arc had a bad tendency to arc through and past a pack instead of around the pack. This will help it stay in the pack which should help improve it's general damage. Impulsa users will be a bit upset though, but boo hoo. Glad to see a skill doesn't have a mandatory gear setup.

The dual wielding cast buffs will be nice as well. Will make things like wands feel much better. when doing things where different wands can be beneficial, things like running a blind wand in one hand, and damage one in the other.

Shield improvements will be nice as well I can see there being a choice now, Take shield for lots of ES and added ES leech or go dual wield for more utility and damage.

As far as damage immunity, it's really only impacting those 2k+ level delvers. For them i see the pain hammer, outside of that. Being 100% immune for up to 3 minutes was a bit game breaking. This nerf won't really impact but a few handful of builds. People just blowing it out of proportion.
Trickster changes look interesting...

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