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Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
karoollll2534 wrote:
If i remember correct we don't have "POE royale" because sending information between 100 players at once per instance can be kinda expensive.

there is new information how multicasting information/status between instances and gameservers work.

i don't know how many players can join towns today but it's more than 6 and it works. it should scale.

i've also been asonished that global chat is world global, i ever thought it's local to the gameserver
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MrsDeath_ wrote:
Not to mention those Premium Guild Hideouts $$$$$

Even a small guild like mine would eventually be pretty likely to pick one up.

Definitely. I d buy that special ho for my guild.


OP in spoiler
MrsDeath_ wrote:
Hi guys. I think guilds lack a big concept that can only be done in PoE.That is guild hideouts. I think guilds are just favourite friend lists and nothing else in their current state. Guild members should have a common area that they can hangout with their friends in guild instead of sitting their hideouts alone. These hideouts can be used to party with your guild members and should allow you to go into maps,temples,masterminds etc.

I think this feature can bring life to guilds.

Things i would like to see in guild hideouts:
-allow to invite every npc
-allow crafting bench and map device
-can be decorated just like regular hideouts
- 1 free hideout in acts, 2 in maps , maybe 1 guild hideout for sale on shop as part of the cheapest core supporter pack
- chat command for guild hideout : /guild_hideout or /guildhideout
- should be accessible from waypoint.insert guild hideout button here:

- use areas at least as big as epilogue and possibly open, one piece areas.
-if there could be a one guild ho and anyone can visit this one it would be the ultimate change.

- there should be a possibility to get multiple map devices so we could run several parties in the same hideout. -Synopsis
- i can imagine players being able to spend master favour to the guild so it can be decorated. -vio
- and let guild leaders give decoration permissions to individual guild members at will (as well as rescind them) -demon9675
- "RIP - in remembrance" memorial for recently deceased guild members (even in SC, that can actually be a source of funny interactions)
- Yard of fame - ten named totem poles of guild members with most challenges completed (~sooner to be in case of 40/40) both from : aldorus
- Add mini pvp arena in guild hideout. -webas
-There can be some kind of Guild Atlas where the guild needs to complete some hard maps (made to be playable only in guild party). Also a boss would be nice too. -CapetaDoMal
-You could have the guild-hideout as your standard login-point (who wants to always be thrown into a map just to teleport to the hideout anyway?)

-A room for quick inventory share. Ever happened you ran together in a party of your guild.. and you're supposed to get 3 inventories full of maps while you should turn over the overflow of divination cards in your inventory? Well, have an option for both parties to accept and swoosh... player A inventory is now player B and vice verse. Safes time, feels good man.

-Instead of people decorating the guild-hall, give the ability to donate favor. That makes the whole system easier as the person in charge of decoration can then simply piece together everything just as needed.

-The guild-hall should be set up in several 'rooms' rather then one large piece. Maybe as a center-part, though everything major should be separately loaded to ease the burden on the servers.

-No usage of skills in the guild-hideout besides permanent summoning and auras. Otherwise we'll have crash after crash only. -Kulze
-Also please add a guild notice board where people can post small messages that everyone who clicks on the board can see.-Sotilis

General guild&guild ho suggestions:-

Fruz wrote:
Nice ideas.

But as a SSF player, I would also like to have a reason to go to my guild hideout if that was a thing, only ... I need to use my own map device, so either there would be a map device were portals aren't shared, or some other system.

Therfore, if guild hideouts were to be implemented, an option to spawn directly in it would be amazing.
It would require a certain number of active members that GGG can test somehow though ( if Mtx advertising is the reason why we are always being spawned in towns first, then having several active members also would act as a way to display people's Mtx and I guess that could be acceptable regarding this ? idk, I'm not quite sure ).

Also, are we speaking of one guild hideout per league ?
I would rather have a guild hideout shared among all league, with the name of the league written on top of the guild stash or inside the stash panel after opening it.

I like the idea of a hall of fame, but it might be more simple for people to just create one single snapshot of only one of their character, that they can update whenever they want, this way, you could create a statue of a HC char, and even after you rip, as long as you don't "update the snapshot", the statue of the HC char ( with a plate on it ideally ) would remain :).

etkratos wrote:
Make us put notes on guildmates as we can with friends, and let us sort the list based on the league ppl are playing. These, and even more options and qol feature in the management of the social aspect of poe are things long time due.

Stash tabs could be improved too with more granular options for access and restriction privileges, and ofc a stash log.

Kulze wrote:

-Internal leaderboard, who went fastest on HC? Who has the highest level? How fast did a 100% clear happen at each area and sub-type of it? Who has the highest stat in anything? Just stuff to have something to yearn towards which isn't a global list, makes it seem more achievable.

-Internal message-board, the ability to send in-game messages while the other person isn't online! Awesome concept, never seen before!

For something like that to be properly usable GGG should first and foremost re-work the whole mess of a guild-system... or the insult thereof rather.
We need ranks first, guild-activities and in general proper guild-related mechanics, maybe for more then 6 players working together in separate instances to achieve 1 single goal.

BlowITA wrote:
Do any of the dev team members read/watch fantasy stories with adventurer guilds in it? [...] Or borrowing any other ideas from those fantasy stories (like a guild hall, guild missions, guild wars, guild blacksmith workshop)?
I'd also love to meet my guild mates at the guild hall, join a party with them to run a long map chain built by the guild master as a mission (maps dropped are allocated back to the guild to be used in new missions), fighting other guilds in a big map (Battle Royale!) both solo or in team (could take maps from the guild as an entrance fee), and dump my veiled items on the guild blacksmith to make crafts available to everyone there (could require maps as an additional fee to use).

Khalixxa wrote:
Improvements to guilds are a great idea. Guilds have been around for a while without making the kind of impact on the game that they could. I particularly love "guild goals"; even the simplest ones can motivate people.

Generally speaking, I think players have a positive opinion of guilds in games. I don't think POE is any exception, and though it may be a big investment of resources to implement, every incremental step would pull the game in a good direction and solve a lot more secondary problems than we realize.

On a side note, guilds might be a solution to the trade dilemma. GGG wants players to interact through trades, which can be at odds with their interests in getting trades done as quickly as possible. Perhaps "guild trade houses" would provide a middle ground: keeping players bartering with each other while also creating a browse-able trade interface in game. This draws inspiration from RL where people often "make markets" as a team. Guild members could manage pending offers and messages left in the "mailbox" for items in their stock.

Guild PVP arena, Guild Noticeboard(though guild comments already fulfill this function)

Not allowing skills would be a mistake unless it were configurable and would be complicated to have alongside a pvp arena in the same zone.

Its a guild hall after all so you should expect your guildmates to show respect and not intentionally lag you to death :)

Please do keep brainstorming the more ideas we all come up with the better!

In interest of this you may find this thread to have a few interesting ideas:

wilcovie wrote:
Guild stash tab for uniques collection

I think thats all comes to mind atm. I'll add more if anything good suggested under thread.
Let me know what you think about guild hideouts.
Would you like to see them in PoE or not?
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guilds are important to any multiplayer rpg especially in path of exile where public partys can be just as chaotic as wraeclast itself.

guilds also have the potential to bring in large amounts of money to help fund the games development because where you might only get a few stash tabs for yourself what some are willing to do to help their GUILD is a completely different story most of the time.

This thread needs to get more attention from GGG please help keep it on the front page and submit any ideas you can to further improve or add to the growing list that is already in the OP.
RIP baby rhoa.. You will never be forgotten!

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