In less than 24 hours Path of Exile: Synthesis will launch on Xbox One! Today's news post outlines what to expect tomorrow and a few things to note about the expansion.

The expansion will launch at Mar 11, 2019 6:00 PM (EDT) or at 3pm March 11th (PST). Downtime will begin for deployment at Mar 11, 2019 4:00 PM (EDT) (two hours prior to launch).

The version that Xbox One users will receive contains the hotfixes which went out for PC users over the weekend.

We mentioned this before the weekend but want to make sure people are aware ahead of time - this expansion will require a full download of Path of Exile. We are very sorry for the inconvenience of having to redownload the entire game. We understand this isn't ideal. The reason the update requires a full redownload is because we've re-worked the file system which is an important change to pave the way for future tech improvements and to minimise potential future memory issues.

Over the weekend we encountered some significant memory problems with the Betrayal content on Xbox One. To make sure we can get the expansion out as soon as possible, we are temporarily disabling Betrayal content on Xbox One. (The only expansion that should have memory problems is Synthesis. Ha-ha, get it? Because of Cavas and his memory lo… nevermind)

Once it's enabled, the Betrayal content will work in a way that is functionally different to PC. When Betrayal is encountered on PC you find three events per zone whereas on console you'll find one event per zone. The Betrayal rewards have been tripled on console to keep the experience in line with PC from a rewards standpoint.

The following aspects of Betrayal will be tripled for console users: the amount of experience received when you make a decision, the amount of veiled items dropped by Syndicate members, Safehouse leaders contribution of intelligence towards the Mastermind, Safehouse rewards. The Mastermind remains unchanged.

We can't wait to share this expansion with our Xbox One players!
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Cidna wrote:
Kinda sucks about the full download again, this is the 3rd time for me that this has happened.

We totally hear that it sucks. Please be assured that we wouldn't do this unless it was absolutely necessary. Thanks so much for sticking with us.
Exisilium wrote:
So tripled syndicate rewards means that research with it that fled as captain will yield us 6 breachstones is how I'm reading this. Also 6 sulphite scarabs from cameria.

If they're leaders then yes, what you've posted is correct.
No Jun bench crafts on console for how long exactly?

We'd like to get this in as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next patch.
sirjasonf wrote:
What exactly does redownloading the entire game mean?
That the download size of this update is rather large (nearly the size of base application). The total download size is looking to be around 12.5GB~.

sirjasonf wrote:
Meaning we have to delete the game and redownload that way or the update will be the size of the entire game?
You'll download the update as it's usually done, no deleting required. Navigate to your 'My Games & Apps' section when the servers go down tomorrow and the update should be available then.
Corrison wrote:
Which patch version will we be getting? 3.6.0b was announced earlier for PC. This only states it will include hotfixes.

The 3.6.0b PC changes which went live yesterday are included in Xbox Release build.

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