[Xbox One] Path of Exile: Synthesis Launches on Xbox One Soon!

ARPG on consoles lol.
Mobile is the future, where is my android port?!
Pog. Do we get the Bex sound blooper item filter though?
Awesome i cant wait!!! one question about the full game re-download, that version of the game becomes available to download when? when the servers go down 2 hours prior to the launch? thanks!
ARPG on consoles lol.
Mobile is the future, where is my android port?!

Dont you guys have windows phones?


How do you see that working (we all share the same filter choices)?

- Coming up with a website like filterblade.xyz
- Linking your Xbox-Acc on the website
OR giving your self made filter a unique online-ID
- integrate an import option in the PoE client

Clearly, including audio files into own filters wont work but at least you can edit the normal stuff (which I would like to do).
So not only do we not get the full PC game because nobody was wornking in the Xbox system and they ran into a glitch, but we also get to suffer through with no chat, a barely functioning trade system, no editable loot filter, etc. and everyone is happy?

It is amazing to me the cash grab that the consol system has turned out to be. Put as little effort as possible into moving the base game to other platforms in order to maximize profits. I mean I totally understand the business side of it, it’s just sad to see where you’ve gone. The support on PC is and has been amazing, I just wish we had 5% of that support, we could get some QoL updates with 5%.

Dude, really? You're complaining about poe on Xbox? They have plenty of support for us, I communicate with them via FB and always get thorough and timely responses. There's obviously a good reason for why things are going to be the way they are this league. You don't even need a high end pc for this game, go buy one if you don't like the console content. The trade system works if you know how to search, I've never had a problem finding what I need. I'll take any loot filter vs no loot filter, I'm very happy about where this game has come from on console to where it is now.

So..... spawn chance inside syndicate remains the same? Are You that dumb? I'm sorry but for e.g research lab will be as rare as abaxoth is. No one want to see fortification encounter 90% of time. Do You want solution? Give us all bench mods and disable betrayal encounters.
Xanderyum--- please don't hinder absolute zero's concerns. It's important that people point out the problems or it will never get better. Siding with devs is important but stifling positive dissent in a pursuit for the prior is a disservice to everyone. One can't deny trade is way too time consuming on Xbox. There's always room for improvement. Just because you think everything is hunky dory doesn't mean someone who doesn't is wrong.

PoE is dope as hell and the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad---otherwise we wouldn't be playing.
There should be filters on search in trade so we don't have to literally look at EVERY item type for applicable stats for our builds.
We should be able to press "back" and not have to research the item type we want again and scroll through every other item. Trade is clunky and inefficient at best.
There are no trade alerts.
The game is super laggy (not sure if it's just Xbox one x processor) (servers maybe?)but it's something that interferes with the entire experience.
The loot allocation sometimes takes too long to come into effect.
Since the Xbox player base is smaller loot
drop rate and rarity should probably get a slight buff, but this is subjective.

Those are only the negatives I can think of that really frustrate me on a day to day.. ESPECIALLY trade. The game is super bad ass and I'm so grateful it's free. The in game purchases are too pricy, but that's subjective. Thank you to GGG and all who make the game possible, but don't expect me to brown nose and say no one should complain because that's irrational and dishonorable.
What exactly does redownloading the entire game mean? Meaning we have to delete the game and redownload that way or the update will be the size of the entire game?
Oh yeah.. And why the hell is there no fossil tab? I'd pay $5 for that tab!

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