[Xbox One] Path of Exile: Synthesis Launches on Xbox One Soon!

A_Hunter wrote:
1 sindicate encounter per zone will be lower the chance to manipulate the sindicate tree, more rewards its not the solution imo

Well its probably not ideal, but I woud rather have them fix it that way, if they can easily do it, than have them spend all their limited resources for just fixing this. Xbox needs so many things adressed. WHo knows, maybe in 2 leages they decide to take out jun again , who knows, and then all that work would be wasted. And from what i read on the forum, even the betrayal league was a success in numbers, the mechanic of the syndicate wasnt that well received anyway. I personally found it totally annoying, so I am glad I only have max one encounter to deal with.

So the big question now remains, will there be anything awesome for the xbox community in this patch beyond the new league mechanics. Chat was announced, but we already heard it didnt make it into the release, but do you have at least any good news for us? Anything we have been waiting for since day one or that has been proimised in the last faq about whats going to happen from 2017. You guys are really pushing patience and understanding of the community to the limit. I bet a big part of all xbox players who spend money regret their "support" at this point and as many have stated, wont continue to spend money, if nothing changes. I really really hope for us all, you guys have some surprises for us beside a full client download and missing mechanics at launch.

Don't know if anyone mentioned that. But for me the fact that were getting 1 betrayal appearance and 3 times the rewards doesn't help a thing.

I'm a really casual player. I play 1-2h per day. and that's all. This means that i will not be able to spawn the rewards i need in game. I have 3 times less rank level of the members, and i have 3 times less chance to get the member I want in the place that i want than the PC players. Seems like to much of a difference between those 2 realms.

It like if i dont get the right member in the right spot 3*0 is still 0

Id like to know at least why are threated that way.
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Five pages of patch notes an no appreciation for Bex's memory pun.

Thank you Bex and GGG to bring us more information/support. Im hyped with this league. I did some tests in POE PC and mechanics sounds very good!
Please don't forgot us with Betrayal Mods. Some builds use it a lot, like vortex with trigger spell when you use a skill (my case)!

Well, again we have to and need to redownload the entire game (5th time). Sucks, but ok. Only takes a cpl of hours. A week later (like for a not long time ago) we will discover: Ohh, we need to redownload the entire game, AGAIN, because some glitches had snuck in and makes certain in-game functions impossible to do, Yaayyyy. Lol.

And now we get 3 x times the rewards for Betrayal things. Ok. Oh well. And...?

Anyways, I will play Path of Exile again, after staying away from playing for over 1 month+. Despite this Synthesis League is already being smacked sideways and upways, I will play only to actually play because I actually like the game on it´s whole. And of course because I haven´t played for over a month.

And some of the events in-game I will surely steer way clear off. And surely with good reason too. 5
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thanks for finally updating us and let my ISP charging me for downloading over my monthly limit b/c for some reason you can't figure out how to install a patch without DL the entire game.
Thanks for keeping us updated!

When server go down we can download immediately, or 10-15 mins after?
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Bummer on the Betrayal/Bench Mods stuff. There is one mod critical to my build that is probably going to be a nightmare to get now.
5 pages of this announcement, think this shows how dead the xbox is. PLEASE PLEASE merge xbox and PS4 trade at LEAST.
Bex_GGG wrote:
No Jun bench crafts on console for how long exactly?

We'd like to get this in as soon as possible. Hopefully in the next patch.

How close is this to a week or a month? This is really important for my build. If it is a week I can wait but if it is a month I need a new build.

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