[Xbox One] Path of Exile: Synthesis Launches on Xbox One Soon!

Same, full restart allowed the update to happen, set my Xbox to stay on with inactivity and to idle with a dim screen. #92 in the queue, but I'm sure one of my kids will happily cancel the queue or restart the Xbox.
the que is stuck on 1039, are anyone ells stuck on que? and how to solve this?
launch is in 50 min, it will solve itself, once it starts.
Corrison wrote:
Which patch version will we be getting? 3.6.0b was announced earlier for PC. This only states it will include hotfixes.

The 3.6.0b PC changes which went live yesterday are included in Xbox Release build.
Anyone's keep moving at all?
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How much for the "no lag DLC"?
Well, it is released. And after lot of time. I can play, again. After being away for over a month.
Surely had to go try a few of these Cavas Memory things, and the conclusion of it, is:

It really honestly should be able to make a more well thought out League then like this. Running around, touching posts with 200+ mobs after you while the world closing/collapsing in on around you. It is really not that fun, you know.

Well, make sure you got enough Movement Speed built up, you gonna need it.

And in the future you should really think about making better and more rewarding Leagues. I know you actually can.
My Internet went down over the weekend. So I'm hyped i can get into a fresh league on Xbox One.

What build is proven to be great? Also selffound / Xbox trading great?
Is anyone else experiencing the issue where it won't let you back into your synthesis character And getting a unexpected disconnection occurred message
I just stopped playing this whole Synthesis League almost a month ago. I wanted to play, but unfortunately the whole League just... Well, you know.

Could be... maybe I... perhaps I pick it up again next week, but... Oh well, you know.

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