[3.11] Witch Build List

Submitting my new and ONLY "3.11 kitava's herald build"


Not a single one is found on the "internets" using this spectre. I have a good one here and will be updating the guide I made to two more versions of this spectre's use.

Thanks in advance!
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[3.11] Life Based Dark Pact Occultist

Life based self cast Dark Pact Occultist. 5,5k hp 2,5mln shaper dps. 1k/s hp leech rate.
Hey guys! Could you please help me to choose an actual which build which would use chaos inoculation and ranged spells?
Does anyone know of a Soft Core CI VD-SS build . Not LL as i dont have the currency for Shavs. ive never planned a build since im kinda new to the game..so was looking for some help.
Hi All,

I was hoping for some advice as I have made "Drakkashi's [3.11] Invincible Spectres Necro Summoner - HC Viable - Boss Killer - High Clear Speed" build.

I feel I am not doing enough damage quick enough, in T15+ maps, that I am getting killed during the boss stages. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

- VeX
I see you dont have an Ele Firestorm build on there.


Its just a build I am currently running in the ssf Heist league. I am more of a slow player so I am only at literally the last mission of act 3, but will keep progressing. the dmg has potential but need work for sure.

Its my first build guide and it definitely shows, but I plan to keep it up to date for a bit.

The POB is the community fork but when official POB updates I will add that as well.

Thanks for reading :).

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