First, I'll just say that I love the Bane skill. It's seriously fun to use and can be quite powerful.

My problem is that it's such an odd/hybrid skill that most of the standard constructs that people are used to in this game don't apply to this skill. Examples:

- Area of Effect does affect Bane
- Area of Effect Damage does not affect Bane
- You can link multiple curses to the skill, but depending on your character's ability to cast multiple curses, the skill's behavior is different (what if I link 3 curses but can only cast 1? what if I link 3 curses but can only cast 2? etc.)

The character panel, where you can click on a skill to see what kind of damage it does, does a very poor job of communicating how Bane works. You basically have to use the skill's tooltip to see damage. Why doesn't the character panel Skill Pane show more useful information (which and how many curses it applies, damage per curse, damage total, DoT adjustments, AoE values, etc.)?

The skill doesn't make it clear that if you link multiple curses to the skill gem but cannot cast multiple curses, what happens (it rotates which curse it casts with each casting, but how does that affect the damage output?)

Overall I think this is a fun and useful skill to use, but the game simply is not giving you enough feedback about how it works. Please add more information about this skill to the character skill screen! And perhaps find a way to make it clear which modifiers do and do not affect the skill (biggest one is the one I mentioned: Area of Effect Damage % does not improve this skill). Thank you!
I watch top build via
Ppl are not operating multiple curse in link with bane. Acting it more like with 1 curse. And having basic chaos-dot supports
Can we give some more love to extra curses?
Bane is one of my favorite skills in the entire game. It was also the skill I used to kill my first shaper with on my trickster, so it has a speciel place in my heart, but unfortunately nobody uses bane as a primary skill anymore. It´s only used as a support skill, which is sad.
With the new update Bane lost the curse tag but gained the hex tag from my understanding. Does that mean that you cant scale bane through curses, you dont get the impending doom dot, and it can no longer trigger curses through Vixen's Entrapment. This seems like a REALLY big nerf to bane. And is there a chance that the curse tag be re-added to bane since that is the whole gimmick to the skill. Otherwise there is 0 reason to useing bane over any other AOE dot skill. If you want to cast curses your better off casting them without bane now.
Please restore the curse tag to Bane.

Bane's damage was originally nerfed because it benefited from the "+2 to level of socketed curse gems" corruption, but since that no longer applies it feels absolutely terrible.

Bane was mostly supplemental damage to begin with, but since it can't even apply Doom, I actually do more damage with my main skill when I unlink Bane from my curse.

Why the curse tag was ever removed in the first place is beyond me. It still applies curses, and it still says the word curse 4 times... 5 if you count added quality.
I noticed that when I cast curses themselves, the curse icon appears above the enemies' heads, but it doesn't when I cast Bane like it used to. Is this a bug? Are the curses actually being applied?
The curse tag removal from Bane:won't trigger Vixxen's Entrapments on cast effect (and this non-interaction just broke the defensive strength of the skill), does not benefit from %increased effect of curses on tree, etc... , the fact that it cannot gain Doom effects (wich is understandable if you wanna split the power), and the very small list of hexes it can apply and really benefit from now, has simply ruined this skill.
It was a great clearing skill and a decent boss killer, now it's just fine at clearing and sub-optimal at bossing.

Really a shame because it is a fun skill to build around.
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