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Last bumped on May 2, 2020, 4:47:55 AM
I'm don't like that this aura supports spells only... I think it should increase our crit chance globaly.
I've been using wrath but now I'm using zealotry because I bought watcher's eye with zealotry.
I'm spell caster anyway i don't care wheather wrath or zealotry.

Here I got question.
When I hit rare or unique monster, consecrated ground is created.

BUT why is it created right BY MONSTER? Not by me?
Why is that?

It sounds like "If you wanna get some life regeneration, dash to monster!!'
...... What?

or.. do you guys want me to go 'melee spell caster'?

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It is created under the monster because hits against monsters on consecrated ground have 100% increased critical strike chance.
Can summoners get Consecrated Ground generation back yet? I want dat crit chance and life regen again -- just give it a short internal cooldown on ground effect generation, if it's STILL causing issues for the server.
Last edited by Atzros on Mar 21, 2020, 5:59:14 AM
Hiya, I feel like an idiot for not researching this sooner and for trying to play around Zealotry spectres all league but is there any update on minions being able to get Consecrated Ground back? I was paranoid for so long thinking I was bricking the effect. I was thinking that my consecrated ground and replacing my minions grounds. I was spamming the character page while running around like a chicken with my head cut off in t16 maps trying to find that elusive ground effect for about 7 hours this week.

Maybe increase the duration but limit the proc rate with a internal cool down? "Minions cannot proc consencrated ground with spells but once every 30 seconds and last 25 seconds with 150% AoE." I mainly want to use it as a survival mechanic for myself and my minions, half the crit chance gained from consecrated ground if someone fells its might scale to well please. This would stop the spamming of consen grounds throught the map giving bossing minions survival to take a few hits while they eventually just stand there giving me a chance to run around like a chicken and heal a bit.

Have the new "grounds" replace the old ones. Full values on the stats but I still for see a problem with lag and would except a cool down on the effect to help server stability.

All the above and make a consecrated ground MTX

??? profit

"increase the duration/size but limit the proc rate with a internal cool down"

In reference to:
The Zealotry aura has been temporarily [sic] disabled from granting Minions the ability to generate Consecrated Ground, to improve server performance.

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