The State of Xbox and Patch 3.6.1

Really bad experience so far! disconnections occur every single day i play...i own xbox one console and the load times are 2 minutes approximately each time i try to open an instance...with one party member we play together and he owns the elite version with an ssd drive takes him about 20 secs to open an instance, the 1 minute and 40 secs waits for me...

Yesterday the game crashed in the last encounter with atziri :) (among 3 crashes)

Synthesis launched at 11 March and after 2 weeks of extremly bad gameplay experience we dont even have betrayal!

I paid for new tabs before the new league was released in order to play this game which by the way i was a big mistake..

Want to trade? moving back and forwad to sell - buy or store items is 3-4 minutes each time loading times...imagine to have 1 or 2 hours to play and in the meantime it quite possible to get a disconnection...

I wonder if GGG has to do something more to reward all those players who love to play the game and supported it with money (or not)...
I just lost a character on hardcore xbox synthesis. The first white mob i approached after the waypoint at doedres cesspool, my game froze and my immortal call went off. I got kicked to xbox home screen. When i logged back in my character was in standard league. I was using molten strike mtx. My gamertag is Hail 2the StoRm.
It’s not playable for me still I logged in after not playing for a few days to see if it’s any better and crashed in the same area twice when a bit of density shows up. Using Vaal double strike/multi strike character. Good thing I’m playing soft core.

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