The State of Xbox and Patch 3.6.1

Simplu321 wrote:
Can u at last bring back the 3.6.0 pach? Are u really let us this weekend like this?
It seems this community, on Xbox, does not really mean anything to you.

It's the weekend bro. Do you expect them to work 7 days a week? Yes I know it's frustrating but they have already shown their trying and care about us by yesterdays patch which was released at MIDNIGHT on a Friday for them.
Shadeless01 wrote:
Kundarin wrote:
On Monday I downloaded a Re-download of the entire game, and then I played it, and it works excellently. I heard some other people have issues with lags and such, but I had none. At all. Well, some very small here and there, but nothing huge or things I would bother to mention. I am so far around almost Level 40, played 3 Acts and nothing is wrong.
So for my part, everything goes smooth.

And if I had something to complain about if you can even call it complaining, is:
Where, oh where is my Glimmerwood Mystery Box located? That is what is on my mind. Because I want to buy a few.
Lagging?! What Lagging??

Well ur still low lvl, on lower lvl there are less issues.

Are you playing on an xbox x? Using any mtx? What skill you use?

Am using full set Armour, running around with 2 pets, Character Effect, using 3 Gem Effects, Cycloning my way through bunch of mobs and also using Molten Strike and a couple other effects. And that is so far.
And playing it on an Xbox 1 S w/External SSD.
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This really sucks, I loved playing POE back in the day on PC and had to stop PC gaming when I had kids. Then I saw POE on Xbox, and gave it a shot, Alot easier to watch kids and play POE from a distance through an Xbox controller. And I Absolutely loved playing through the Betrayal league even though I missed the first 2 months.

I saw synthesis as a opportunity to go semi-hard and enjoy POE once again, I even got a couple long time gaming friends and a co-worker to get an Xbox One so we could play Synthesis together.

Unfortunately it has been the biggest let down, because of the Memory and Lag issues. The game has been literally unplayable for us, as there is always one person that is disconnected and everyone's loading times seem to be through the roof.

I know shit happens, and they are trying their hardest to fix things up, just figured Id provide maybe a little more motivation. Hopefully too many people don't lost interest after this. Playing POE on Xbox is definitely a great alternative.
IGN: Empathhh, BKiddd
I crashed 9 times in one day...
I crashed 9 times in one day...
lol today which just started i allready crash 10x, same 1 fkn zone (act 5, trying to roll a new toon this weekend) now i stuck at that stupid ruined square, can't even access that damned cathedral roof, keep crashing. crash crash crash crash crash.. finaly got trough reloading the area with Y, seems better after that i got to act 6,

No response from ggg, as long u keep getting the money right.
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The labs seem to be working, if you want to do something while waiting for it to be fixed. Farm labs craft/sell/buy items.. It's not ideal but it seems to work atleast.
I can play PoE on Xbox One S since friday without issues. I am crashing to my dashboard on every tenth loading screen but that's it. No freezes, no lags. And I've played Act 10, maps until T3 and lab. But I feel with people who cant play.

In fact, I got that mad and frustrated during the first days of the season, I have currently no fun playing this game. I could play, but then I remember how big the issues were (again) and I dont feel like I should support or even play this game any second longer.

It is sad for those who wanna play and cant. Its also sad for people like Jeff, who trying their best to fix it but were left alone with those Xbox issues (at least it looks like that way). GGG should really think about their plans for PS4 and Xbox One, maybe skipping every second season and come up with a 3-month-flashback-event, just to make sure to release stable and working versions for the console instead of having game breaking issues at the start of every season.
Dear GGG, may we have a update of when the patch is going to be deployed please.

Thank you.
Vissermanza wrote:
Dear GGG, may we have a update of when the patch is going to be deployed please.

Thank you.
Hi everyone,

We were targeting Monday afternoon in North America, but have had to move it to Tuesday. The issue has been worked on all weekend and testing of the changes so far look promising. I'll post further updates tomorrow during the work day.

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